Because ZEPTAR says so!

We sitting sideways ..

Yall niggas had it up to here this is my year. Germany gonna see some moonlight. I only move with smart dude.. While yall niggas cuttin bales swith chop saws.. fuck bad rich bitch .. cant catch me sittin sideways .. it gets dirty now as of here .. this here is my year .. my just kicked a booty up .. so much docha call me hoffa .. dont tell ya mom go to the dog .. two clip game so big it hoof my paw back .. yall tryin to get it back .. ya i got a red bat .. i goin red to hope .. fuck up a bread moat .. outside im hood rittz .. catch me sittin sideways .. repostin on some old shit .. something pretty with the ratchet on me i stay strapped always keep a pkg on me .. okay homie now its bout to get wierd droppin out the barrel like some fog swift crickets holla gwan way only moved two blocks like a porn play .. this my day off and i dont feel like a production .. touch a double dutchin fool be steppin .. flag or a moon you can catch me sittin sideways .. mine times rind grind sittin dirty with the rat face mon .. this my year .. another day for the first paparrazzi that i ever seen or was sure looked a like a clone of the choir headmaster .. follow me follow me can you?

are we growing wise or are we growing tall the earth is flat now a shape a gwan fall off and still i will not delete trash .. when we find a cure .. when we sneeze .. when we feel like some more we make beats and fight chores survival .. chilly lob lob yes.

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