let’s start from the beginning ..

I started remixing and making my own music and playing it on and my personal web pages .. I was in and out of different phases with variety and bet I got caught on some 2Pac sound waves really beat .. Opened a can of what has been trapped inside and caught some futuristic money trees .. This was crumbled like sticky icky and all a sudden its a coming home and there com abounds .. 2Pac infuenced my life through his music as a teenager .. And well it’s followed me through my life .. Now it comes first today in this album call and on and on and on

Like im split life livin fast life grippin so lean cups paint a UNIX picture .. Oh so Wikkid all that money should stay the night .. Push it to the limit .. Push it to the pain .. Virgo to that money this Scorpio is insane .. P U S S A Y A L L N I G H T .. why we got this twisty .. Did it again .. Hands in my pockets .. That money should be free .. Girl put in work .. Better slow down she’ll feel it in the homie .. Makin heavenly just came up to much to touch call it crustacean surprised her when Dr. Blu .. SWARM !!

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