Because ZEPTAR says so!

Whoop Whoop Ninja! We out the residential. Whats in the hizzle fa rizzle ta fizzle nada con double reverso soo i said i’d try so here the words land when they lie down sorry for being away. So many contracts and loop holes to advance to pay me? I see a G sometime for real real 100 G on the table neva saw a bands like that you know it helped a mofoka slammin them dummy dope raps slummy co reverso con higo in the membraine so insane hang and hang for days man many many moon till im the most badass thang to be sportin anywhere as an arm piece talking about this is me and me and whats up with you and you and yhou and you and you i hope and pray full of strength that i cant be beat. Just know i got some writing to catch up on.

zeptar all up in!

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