Because ZEPTAR says so!

livin like a soopa star give it all up ta the real real JAH come feel the old stuff seem like it was vanishing o fff thats writers do it real writers do it raw do it writers write or die with that thousand word one sentence blog whats up with want never saw it nver s

zeptar seminar

15:00 WELCOM

16:00 ZEPTAR

Because ZEPTAR says so!

Whoop Whoop Ninja! We out the residential. Whats in the hizzle fa rizzle ta fizzle nada con double reverso soo i said i’d try so here the words land when they lie down sorry for being away. So many contracts and loop holes to advance to pay me? I see a G sometime for real real 100 G on the table neva saw a bands like that you know it helped a mofoka slammin them dummy dope raps slummy co reverso con higo in the membraine so insane hang and hang for days man many many moon till im the most badass thang to be sportin anywhere as an arm piece talking about this is me and me and whats up with you and you and yhou and you and you i hope and pray full of strength that i cant be beat. Just know i got some writing to catch up on.

zeptar all up in!

Because ZEPTAR says so!

So cold you dont need the AC what ya gettin back at me for so sublime right on time theres money from the future right where the rainbow under the hood right bright freezing outside me im warm as a matter of fact im so hot flared up like a sunspot on a zunzet roll round them neptunians and a couple of sweet chocolate cream filled candies airhead taking over the radio station of the nation the voice of the capitol they call us aNONradio so thought i should tell you you know there is a hidden expose hidden somewhere in these webpage scrolls of how i play my own hits and do my own skits skirt skirrt so rad it hurts hope ya trippin this is wetware upgrade filling 3d printing houses right now all around the world prophecy fortold now unfold i am getting too old for she OT thats big ups to the Ancient of Days in so many ways so many thanks so many rounds of ammo in my tank try to runaway and success something good is on the way and its now i know what was said all things are pointing to yes i just pray and i pray that something just may for this type of way put me on stage i will bust out the cage i am a fist full of rage so wise with my age still free with me like we always be for some for me for some for three extended the angles geometry goes down put it up for the pound diamds and hoodies talking and zeppinn dont know what thats about im irrichilar chinchillicher follow the slo mo roll and take the pastrami all on the papers these wrappers are angled and process pasteurated into an inked up decoration str8 from the fifties so nifty shopping with me is so thrifty i am a boss i am a beast fuck the radio from DJ to CEO