Because ZEPTAR says so!

Happy New Year!

it’s time for a crime chat get back that time went check the time 03:53 UTC bag of dime foo Biggs get that Nigga Don Johnson ZEPTAR soon to be President, break me off that money in fukin crazy don’t bill bout to have that add and that cash that’s why ya shuook running storelen rain Sosa, that’s rain rain Holy Ghost, why ya play in with my pocket white rain black rain told ya cause in spos`d ta got my black back back one day the other day whatever day let’s spring right now make May Day today, I’ll rackem taken you and I will never say wish day was here let’s talk up in this space become the more whateva well ya play in with my pocket white 27th the time of year when 5 million people are expected to free alright run with me and my pen my pen runs never the same old sound spy my eye spy vs zombies the more ya know touch ya face and embrace the day come whateva May try today bring closer and closer feel my fate will neva eva give in with me and win at least ten percent someone mc catk111er it’s ❤ day! blast off! There is no fate but what we make.


Whateva fate comes, Takedown shamed you look alone so many lessons honed bottle of Patrón got it at an early age can’t ya see the time don’t ya tear stressin` how could I tell ya bout my world? I need a girl, I can’t see through all the pain I never see a .38 don’t pawn no shit call me homie from the tower let’s get a coke glad for that love all up in themes memes me omg that’sawesome saucin’ more info u can tell me though ❤ mmm datum clean the stage warming pick up full of courage no water know water nough water said I'm call in said I wanna now me I wanna feel it and gotta announce I'm changing wonder what happens here no matter what I feel you near and fa real know I'll if you can tell it we &.

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