Because ZEPTAR says so!


lookie up some sneakers put em thru the rim ball in so hard call David Ribbit son, breathe oxygen brain nah heaping helium Canada Whiskey for the Pirate Rum trade we do ancient skimetu for who needs Perry White when Barry White plays the saxophone from hooded hilltop nightshade bar of blues exactly two at two agreed to at too blogging wreckless helios Osprey missions are such a pain feeling sane game on game dizzy off six or seven nitro boosters of caffeine all day and what would this oh can be May this fringed unhinged resistance of body, mind and spirit searing all the hearing it all along word so go absurd to the girl whom said ROCK the world of world’s most biggest worst hacker strum and thumb not to mention too tap slide clickity clack all around like a ride lougue in the long board woods omega vision inspired alpha nah stop in ever after so we walk around on the ground walking along leaf green perched between index twist around a snap like not drop smoke while walk and talk to you see natural buzz hittin me in the fifth dimension songbird air slurping rhythm whisper wind gentle off path whistle never step barefoot on thistle after toe show dip in water sprinkled.


all saxophone all xylophone all inclusive between these two me and you say in animals at the zoo need visitors too cept what could brew ahhh now personally zoo is not in me to peruse yet I do as practices and reliability mixed with transparency without saying the polar bears need lipstick and of this nature be like a turn around or two at the karamoon room hot mic boom say in we here too and we see a few of you too who knew it would lead to this conjecture of juxtaposed orbits between two now saying up up updated forever entailing even further hyperthreading to construe and constru1 and constru2 slang web into the gpu`s floating point trillion times faster than we gnu and I grew grow learn adapt evolve to be completed as seemingly few do, altec lansing from startech comes thru!

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