Because ZEPTAR says so!


future dreaming no scheming seeing what feeling onion peeling nah make ya cry or say die say she so free ya that her or you whom who lacy leelting Leary stand up nice corrupt correct resurrect blocking dead angel bones nah never call me home said good buy goodbye slicing off leftover molded holders turn back on spell answers and to be see message from you to me run to keep from hiding bound to keep ride never catchy midnight rider silver dollar what gnu collar the written word and convincing people to leave their email and see the site in its entirety and on and on.


Arm tatted king bee buzzing around your hive guess you found a weakness with the “=” so therefore flood more than me we will see polar boots holding for my gravity attack shirt to match a flood of fire make Germany sing holding my ZEPTAR moto-so-fine hover over trigger like a war of world’s splitter pitter pat alien attacked for spying on me fire splashy Mackie PCM hourdourves next angelic in the streets hold the beat reserving judgement on misguided aliens lied to by the devil on arrival heard the head of NASA brain scrambled by ZEPTAR ion beams made to leaf I’m erricson gone Loki my whole beep to the pitch black eyespurple in the dark more iron than a Stark on Venom people feelin from the floor to the ceiling!


YEAH WE COULD KICK IT BUT NAH NAH KNAW YA EAR ALL IN IT DOUBLE switch lanes pitch black I’ll have the car right buffet bizzare ground fresh charred artichokes force full spokes future involved at us saving all my loving me know ya nah worried bout that know that ya visited me me make sure you see the benefit of word ringing silver bell starts ringing and all ya ponging be realizing ZEPTAR hax for we ya see probably thought a parade was coming as you speed through no slowmo left in you feel the ZEPTAR MAGIC all the wrizt say is slammit Mattel o/ “=”

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