Because ZEPTAR says so!


to work it work out making me make myself always see for time from here on at time more than sometimes for when non one see me in summertime aint no game lil Elisty all ears depends on me how long am these rip curls o/ exercise long board swirld gym mat still whirled up layin flat some abs of squishsponge are more hard than the flat pat plastic pon pad performimg plus per plus panther pads para-prawny crawlu wave worm dance destress most hyper manic method mind racing so fast no one believe when they see me they bug out radius loud swole up tight forming and thats how me roll sail sunrise at sunshine for reason yo veo to me now make more sensei all nifty fifty and fifty plus one on a three plus the question light bulb blare talkin like you self can go more harder more faster ms swiss cake holiday sugar ginger trees now eat most fruit than feel Libra makin sets of any kata form shure on orange two green stripes to bloster sensei means more and more self improvement physical form boons brainbeat best bun patrol ever night time day time right time to situp, pushup on and of non quiz on info rolodex hold far more than before tiro no mo pick myself off the floor added adding multiply divide order of operation nah count calories individually all to the joules fo the toll fo sho slow mo no mo do something at least mkdance the mix in my mind working out to anonmix DonDada discovered Dolly Parton swish beat feelin tap time turntable touch scratchin on wacky world daized and comfused as effort in gym gains know rollin production song all along workout sound phone as in phony past always told me be happy miss`d happiest misty mountain fountain of youth are getting restless

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