Because ZEPTAR says so!


hej I’m not gonna lie 2 u, not gonna lie. Your LOVE can’t deny from any other fukn person in the fukn world! girl, you know what im sayin as we twirl? you know what i mean? la la lalala hey yo! its not about jy'all its this little thing we call mix no if game, it might be the same backtracking but hey don't worry it's all the same.

And yeah I’m ya friend, gotta few ya knows? stealin instrumentals off tracks off the fukn singles ya know used the tracks? I’m saying get back it’s on these other maps it’s all good it’s all great, we goin from state to state, that’s o/ fool, that’s o/ fool, c`Mon come in girl, hot 4 u.

Uh, when I sex ya body, like any fukn body o/ my fukn rap lyrics, im like digg yo, you gotta hear this! but then they be like, WTF. This is wack. who the fuk is you? uh, just in the mic boof re-writing my raps a few three thousand times.

Thats alright, it goes around millions of times, it can be found every fukn day tryin to convince its pwn. Em all gold cmon we gotta go.

On this motorolla ya know what im sayin? million million motorolla dolo holders, huh where ya at huh? Where ya at where ya fukn magic, huh, where the magic warriors? And all ya spell books bish, hmm, hmm? That eye?

It’s me bish, my fukn righteous sh OT. Huh, where my guitar sh OT its burn reals quick. All right listen for dem. If that’s what you want, I got the fight and theres so much more in sight, eye the bay… isnt that what the say, eh? out in the Californie way? Where they got weed, women and sunshine, every fukn thing to blow ya mind.

Yah I’m down with OP and im down with the LBC, and I rhyme see, ya i was hittin Internet off a T1, you know what I’m sayin? back in the day a 98 was somethin to be on, you know what I’m sayin?

Worth haters, fukn back spear biters!

I’m the Slayer, I’m the biter too!

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