Because ZEPTAR says so!


Okay well hmm lemme see it starts with a song, a note, a beat that I send or GITs bend outta me

Sunlight shade take like a new wave right `chea real real oh the place of PASSION two hearts be one by the courage skip one or two am I which am one oz two for change for us. Amicable the heart who needs one? This cowardly lion does but however I’m Oz staring at the two of us. How doth it feel whootie who? Blowfish rich in it lyke a tryk Z rex strange graph paper plot ad otter grip lil fish so take it off pen Inc be splatter for my pitter patter. I had A all along wherever me will?

Searching for inspiration and fun phunnel`d into my life and yours to this there is no end, just to see you is sweetness the nellie lake photo of, you make me post it.

PASSION o/ out end.

Gravity wave bend.

What color your eyes? Galaxies without end. To bubble up on a double up TOGETHER my heart bleeds that is what it means for PASSION thump thump thumping pumping thunder. Is it only just me? when alone? when call phone? why not now? why is it dialtone? all I know is she is woman. take nah give PLSJSUS e little code Passione. Transmorgify my heart JSUS DARTT.

Jesus Vader c+ choke me task me beyond recognize I must be in the wrong here cuz ya know my will nah bend I need u take the wheat I need u to burn the dross I need knead knead I know when me write here come out over the art than and Z light version vision!

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