Because ZEPTAR says so!


starting today begin two year unfolding of love plan go! under which shall be like no other seeping oozing love so sicwiddit helpless caught in right tangle walking spiderweb in a good way May sudden sense of all enlightenment totally surround around and ence envelop some once and was as was not in sense of this juggaurnait code black and red ninja not on all wall Paise exact of ment this clause of x mad more psychedelic trip fire volume totally around body everybody trip phony delicate formless split in the fivy mistletoe over for the further end of the world moulding plan die from insane fire him and event split evident fromdemonic spirit the date of ban up and coming where will group geoip solo on we meet to turn up the heat spicy rhythm I am the system on this fitting fine frosty in my room from the coffee saloon peanut butter going soon treated like from deuce wild all the like page with smiles no dashbash and baby bother from other sensuating talking bout let us all have out on one on one and on and on enact the plan right then so go from the stash of green for at least me key key in my pocket don’t sop it the busiest history in the meaning of our world 

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