Because ZEPTAR says so!


Aliens look like dinosaurs like Ducky mixed with Sara that is a Aquatic Duck Billed Herbivore blended with a teiceratops visions on holo-1 beam LAZYED eyes and built in wetware big eyes long giraffe snout or nose I should rather say as a elongated horse nostril with a possible wet cold nose as our canines and felines and equestrian snuggle animals and so forth anonadonan first there is a mountain and then there is no mountain than there is



follow me del ray come to dial rate and vaccuum young pow this voodoo shits fa real mix anonaudio drop of fate go shake a bar wikiid haugh Willis voodoo wild voodoo joka k111as southwest voodoo is in the high so yo am a contemplate gang banging gang banging an love for family ain’t gang bag in shut on raven face shroim boiba soup leave us alone you punk bitch bitch bitch bitch we are all not all gonna lie I ain’t gonna lie so we had to get out of the system and run for our lives facing org clout eyes by mine all ran away slurping on the galaxy right next to me flesh and bone recalling non need for debasing freebandz freebasing no money we are making all for charity the sound making blowing up ya heard me in the few many plus ten alright plot nothing numb engineering never steering the wheel ya feel whee riding and getting fiendishly on audiosource engineering for mead sing dine and on empty plates won a lot from Zen tao of Pooh correct verb searing ten few thousand of nothing meant see print to the bookshelf that is all red dead living forest ban rainforest habituated plus all farm paper like raising gen of strain for hybrid ya each ten room story ranch storing ten build up for myself when linesman all seated statue rome or tile far out pattern of sutra chameleon forget about it we are not not not tin pings echo echo copy friend Conrad enemy forget I did all these bad files my sharp nail when pampered proxim mitia lift about a sent signal when seated more I am the figure of form right now I own all of everything!

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