Because ZEPTAR says so!


turning heds be like zedhed where she red all day ubertime to the beat so how many tips per day do not meet then in instead okay sip voip with a room key or the other side of travel lodge we maint be ain’t another veranda of sliced sour dough toast thick with cream cheese frosting and spicy marmalade jam with a sprig of mint and you got the recipe called “Posner Pork chop”

strange music new edition my wrist spun on it called it for the extendo edition that it was come in in. starts out real real extra wind chime and long winded till the beat coming and almost near chipped the tune but kept it in bloom and believable for scalable loops and echo long with spiral wonder something sonic to triphop widdit.

Music for the uprising by zeptar move and motivate y’all for ping pong drop dead flying leap kick crescendo during song at something strong enough yet on demonic carpet get set ready when Posner sings pause bass drop. hiiiyyyaaa!


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