Because ZEPTAR says so!



“White Jesus Mixtape” by Rittz up on let us based up on portney clean asceteicx. That’s right! I will not apologize except for to keep from burning as is my master of me. To be as who saved the day is no small thing and so good so far. However upon hearing there has come to twirly whir;\y so make us industreous \. So good so far. Rittz Street Team never saw me eye upon the punk up on the face tell anonbook his name rap main game soaked up told to me. I wanna grow pot, no joke. Blast some dirt with wanted for investigation look up ya pot shares in the stock market. I am paying for all this shit with non by my own hand and I never figure why unconsiderinside and missing frame to want to fai me. The reason I think so fast is to consider major flex and yoga pose prawny crawl on my wall. Lern2shock! Emotions work up. All into these things. Stressing like a mother fucker. Ghetto Tech. Write or die. West Side.

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