Because ZEPTAR says so!

to be or not to be, that is the question get them legs up its a stick up Smith and Wesson answer question.

uprising fan fare so join if you dare out of mind is your care of where from and who care.

feel it in the one drop and we still got time to rock feel the zep rhythm hitting all systems releasing isn and schism.

all manners of lawlessness diamond so polish them claws and draw scratch sounds on chalkboard wall.

attention on bikini beach bottoms in the sun yeah I got em, thought about the motlog I spot them downstream involve them.

I can and so too you seas of green and blue who knew to forward with sword buy more than afford.

bootleg imports cut off tariff short accept bribe at all time and line pocket with silver dime.

destabilize the value of money so funny and start running the numbers calculate increase the power of pocket swiss banks cryptocurrency earning in earnesty.

see all the thirsty quenched from drink of oil sucker punch the first mofoka who make my blood boil I dump the primary artillery volley anybody say something.

do all that I say and bring on the new day become bigger richer sew up mouth with stucher.

increase in learning wicked tactics and tricks make all who don’t sit in laughter over opponent and pwn tick of internal clock atomic precision of decaying neutrino dab down for some bingo and kick the gnu lingo win at casino.

ZEPTAR tru zero the hero brings negative one computer to life to demolish algorithm sha two five six.

take two sticks and walk up stairs that appear in the air become a pcp junkie bring honor to me.

that’s right fall into it lock and step feel the groove hit skip track on the player to track infinite five.

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