Because ZEPTAR says so!

to travel in and about is a very important and clear way to expand the ear for vernacular idioms and accents that change peer-to-peer short hand slang text abbreviations inside a nation or region and if camped out in a mo mo with ya go go boot dancer for some days and nights despite the quiet times that may scream silence sounds of violet marigold flowers melt away the feelings that have been hiding and fill countenance used to touting hax on hax with a smile from way down deep replacing hate, violence, rage and jeoulousy and write mode to the swap copies a blit to the inside of system64.dll quite rite above love dove she becomes mine and ZEPTAR are tighter than time spindle DAT twine twickity twine reel reel to real real sounds more fine online not even over a wire playback fake dime a few whines and the trunk clicks a burr whir tap tap just to confer the time and temp on the other side of the world is how to squirrel away meteoroligal values on a geoip`d server the fervor forecast may last as long as the mast of the Black Pearl attraction at Disney World in Orlando in bloom dark room perfume bad witch put ya hands up high put ya hands up hi in the thunder and rain tell me to grab thigh by eye saw I raw dood trout food double black rainbow in the sky over mine triforce complete Cupid silver arrow now fly!

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