Because ZEPTAR says so!

I am zeptar the worst hacker in the world! my favorite type of hacking is somewhat overlooked in most hacking circles. the best way of describing my approach to benefiting others with my certain skill set with technology is called Media Hacking.

Media Hacking is based on the idea that the most influential vector of creating uprising towards a call to action that brings justice in the world is to influence mass media outlets.

Mass media and local news outlets, including radio bring unfair and biased information to consumers irresponsibly as all outlets typically always spin anything they produce for their own personal corporate agendas for the purpose of controlling popular opinions. This is reprehensible!

Mostly honest, hard working individuals are seeking a good life and happiness and do not realize they are victims of information attacks on their hearts and minds.

I am committed to helping spread culture that is educated and wise enough to get all the real important specifics of what issue is at hand and believe the masses are smart enough to figure out for themselves without pulling any punches or leaving anything out.

Media Hacking is also the process of creating new media by remixing and mixing music and video in clever ways to wake up the pulse rate and strengthen the wise and empower the marginalized making them think critically all.

Media Hacking is growing in popularity around the world as talented content creators increasingly get involved in the wrong practice of harmful productions are noticed by concerned hackers who take action against the corruption.

Straight to the core of any society or subculture, music is the main vein to inject the change agent of power. Making music and sharing music helps to discover new artists and fuels passion for the Arts. 

Media Hacking audio by removing DRM and centralized music monopolies ability to control the prices and control the sound which inherently wants to be free is the key to unlocking any and all roadblocks that stifle movements against music that forms and creates waves in societies.

In my experience as a member of the hacking community in general, being a media hacker is the most rewarding as a discipline because I get to unleash things that I create in music and publishing that make a cultural impact around the globe and influence freedom of speech as a world standard. 

Because pen testing and advanced routing of network services are the two most documented areas of hacking manuals on the dark Internet, I feel that what I release on the regular world wide web is gaining in popularity as interest grows.

Become a media hacker as a blogger or musician that spends time also in the secret places of your technology like command lines and writing code that is open source can be so rewarding personally I recommend it highly.


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