Because ZEPTAR says so!

I just mix mushed the rest of my fluff for the exchange of my day in this life for approach to the center of the flower of life to be the best I can.

Me know all forms of evil from the boosted bass track on a turntable sesh that thumps on ya hed bout this woman sicwiddit I said I wanna hit it more than once and never quit it.

I need to just print all time and I need a woman`s voice with me on the radio and more learning my Spanish homework no tengo my dogg understated round about to lies on lies bout to cut all my ties.

Understand that starting over again in life is not my main intent so guard my heart stay slow mo shout out to hackermo invoice the WiFi Fibernet bandwidth so saturated with blue light my data center is always online.

Step up to the worst and die first then she rest smoke my weed ganja green bleed let`s see if the LORD my God accepts my hax as justified as hacktivist attempts to silence my feed so I refuse retracting my position never submit subnet connecting their root server to me and perform The Art of Media Hacking as devop of the century served up another small step forward against tyranny of the wicked in the Spirit feel the release of the dopamine flood righteous feel and I am uplifted. 

Another two days in a row with no sleep producing sick beats I think are ground breaking and revolutionary on a moto techniques and pioneer _djzep starts to unload loop mode on a backtrack unknown so cold the frosted widows shattered mirror piece of shit just fucking froze.

Recover over 30 minutes of blogging live on anchor that never made it to syndication a shame that the station ate my reel of tapes again looks like productive time investing in podcast broadcasting did not go live but it was therapeutic to say the things I did.

slept again at the data center right next to server 10 falling out while plugging in all set I just jacked in to a new one not to me the devop ninja shredded another mega hit that developed quite organic as it unfolded giving my worst worst all up on the wrecked opposition components crumbled logic latest exposed a blazer gun blast sizzle of seven mp3 releases that I mixxx`d blew up on my organization artist intent mad web traffic metrics top ranking dominating mass media outlets with reverse wires cross site scripted fake news and iTunes in my sight as the uprising fist said to take this trip expect never hearing from Apple or any backers to invest any time and I have no friends IRL that I can depend lonely always hi times while producing my art they all call me Rembrandt at the coffee shop where I flyer cork boards and rep rep my community projects of this contrib time I spent on a hint of more than dubious goals that I achieved so many lulz war brings as my enemies computers try to seize my processes audio mixing audiosec release set to teach a lesson like a Smith and Wesson making ears bleed as I pop the sound of speed echo back release of whoa.mp3 so I faked the 35 echo delay factor of subspace warbler file done time to eat. Peace 

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