Because ZEPTAR says so!


Universal Resource Locator

There is something wrong with our eyes Aerosmith cries in full voice rise to the facing of the fact lies humans hold to telling the rest of our oh me and oh my`s selfish desires that really are specks that grow to a funeral pyre the flesh of full of despise blind to the unwise each time that we catch a glimpse of the true meaning of our lives the gaze cuts like a knife of what comfort cold each hold in the fold of time after time we get so close to that line exacting desperate times upon each moment we spend on the same old s*** getting hell bent on the cost of misplaced order of desires that chance to threaten our lives time after time the World wrong enough ties so very wrong and under guise of promises of good times and relief only turn and churns grief masking the street so cold unforgiving when all that we need is to walk in true peace and victory agreed in our hearts as stampeed walking thru seas not shaken by wind and wave harrassed by these needs that our eyes cannot see so to you be set free to live on what brings the entire world ppl majority uprising shall be!

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