Because ZEPTAR says so!


RITTZ ‘wrizt_extendo


Universal Resource Locator


They call me WRIZT `cuz I got a Right Fist on my Left Wrist know hold Thizz my kickers beat rowdy rev up the General Lee kick the beat took two red matrix pills like a double-wavy-water-balloon two she thru like one time filetype/insane hovering in and out of where im at but i aint mad right now even though i just teleported back and forth to that fort up north headed up 85 and know ive gone forth on a sport whore spit a lil shit and hear that pitch black switch lanes Posner Porkchop Sourdough Toasted Guava Jelly with Cream Cheese and mint sprig get a thousand eyes on it and i will be the shit on Internet. RITTZ im taking the offensive and blasting these mofoka old stupid mofokas with the first third hand knowledge that if they don`t get off it im about to take black ratchet like Ratchet Rabbit on Panther 2.0 mixtape hit counter swole big with a bunch of obscure rap hits with some old singer you might have said couldnt rap and forgive my sour taste in the Atlanta Rap it was that dirty no good rat gurl basher i spent some time in that dedhed down and out dumb dumb shit need to get a four fith and dump it on a snitch first thing in the morning when I hit the block on this heaven sent mission to show intentions of reaching up and pick up cceilings for my heros and my play things as if i was something needing to be loved and im like ya everyday and these tramps just play and play and play they stamps got jacked by the catk1111ng version war pig style has to take care for SHO ride whip ghost never mistake a copy of a copy of me when offer and patch pofffer back for `nother take two for three this time and make it worth my while to peddle a pile of Walking The Green Mile pray JC go crazy retarded on a hamster or bird friend make some tacos for we you me they them him shim no offending a lady or a man but i`ll bee goddamn` if franky v. and me did not sing and rap all night and morning till the next day and he could see that there was something with me in the shin jon jean machine from the south gyroscope meter reader gotta get it back while the manga in me goes Akira for real and rocks and trees get smashed and lifted up high like the other night rapping with Strange Family and I am proud of the friendship working even though my food stamps went missing simple fix put it off all week and that knot of five dollar food checks roll swoll so to therefor put to your door, Im a music talent and a whirl wind person so relaxed smokin a C rolled by my trigger finger and sliced by my thumb all i do with my E.T. index is poke and tap on LED LCD controls for the DJ Position Im holdin on the Internet buffer underrunner spun on Murs will get you close to about three or fours clouds all night when bub three claw slice of Adamantium sliver lined playbook turns all them zZz`s to an N N N Nebraska Football homie that Lincoln tru true love something str8pi steady representun` call all the faulty ones out and show them the strongholds that I be crumblin down with The Father God right there the whole time and this USA anti terror watch list is so hard to roll on I cannot get past number five in my life to this Hatchet I hold in my heart for all the times that start to mess with my shard recursive sha daemon to verify the bits and parts of the original pkg add apt-get ins arser and worser only stopped by the first word the first word the first word calling on darker than dark and hides in the light on me I just might come forth and call myself the Shadow Slayer slide it in the air someething stuck in ya hair nah man flip the can and go back in see that joint or blunt or something been hanging since last morning, oh warning homie I am full of these illusions ain`t gonna make a statue disappear or drink three or four vats of wine just sayin I was there and there and there and there, IDK homie I keep my cameras on lock under masking tape pull the nylon down over my face breath a tasted of something that I hate and strait go Notorious after they took the two for me and you that is the last I would have too so I push on through and say that with great faith to move a mount of two that the LORD gonna give back everything they thot they got even if a number anti-grew only to for sho fool you as a hot money multiplier i like to rap and get higher `bove the cinnamon wires for the fire of the write or die sher man tank wow sticky sock bong show next time on anonradio for these and for those for show i missed my last one or two though my reason was the fact that I wave ihi enough for five Mike J flights of 8 dunking that 23 slamdunk slums up slumerican company truck be like RITTZ fa real real how this track feel on a winter`s night of repeat one forever get that paper for some Hun in the bar like Obi-Wan and some big walking rug were flying under the Solo One to the Alderaan explosion that might as well be us in this dust that only thieves and vampires can try to steal from the right one all of the time make me numb practicing killing field journalism read pray write forget to sin never me again oh what is this rhythm of instance gangsta dance up next red kotex to codex like even for a few to ride out the dope fresh funk flex of Yoga got to get best next for please to the sire of fire that burns through the wire and melts as a white snow burn redder than lava splashy fun wet walking up the atmosphere to heaven i know the stairway is there so take off the filter pass it and then send a ping pong frequency thru heds as i chant black voodoo wisdom a lil somethin to spin some or sits and sips em slow mo on the izm schizm did it just jam then it by the location of a thing to me i am not zing but zeptar for king approving enactments on behalf of the chosen for them are not with him so I call on mustard seed of fai mix with lil wisdom to get to to spit to now they gonna love to hate you love to doubt you no matter what the time of day or pockets lint or heavy they talk so empty forever buzz like LaCrae in the hayday smokin` the rotating in middle of barn to spin happy ho down Rittz, DJ WRIZT my third hit Legion inside my pit. Peace out Im going to Paris. Much clown love! 665! I am the 1 to the six at least the time is measuring in it with it to agree it is now 4:44 on the money phone and I’m out.

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