Because ZEPTAR says so!

Crunky Crunk is Honkey Tonk Hiphop that sounds like a joke about some strange stuff go and which way the influences of the two parent household raising a cow like let’s walk the beef now on a makemsaymoo techno houae beat should feel with kicks and stomps inside you already feels like us two could talk for 2 or 3 days to.carry off the green big bud almost a hig on a.thug is what it means frog st8pie from the pomd on lilly bold green lotus pods red structure with black trim be like a shiny crystal hill.snowboarding and going fwd amd moving like you did not even know though something says let’s smoke pot and make it a lot over and over and over and over 9ver and over over and over over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to balance of goo inside who like a psychadelic insertion oh my god! separate peas from the pond on Sunday morning sweet rhythm inside of politics of.card tricks and poimtimg on some type of way to enact decreements of the fifth scroll was dude up for a coalifornia driver on a mission side winder zeptar joins with her in ho and lo lovetender examply exemplar built to go far to the star i.built and transporter for drops of lava from.the hydrogen center falling and spinning nine planets yo! Worry me not on a end time story to write in the morning circs chirps going back and forth like instant messages when alone and lately never too busy to vhatter on socie middle finger sending and unending more minutes free minutes He gives us to spend in a gift where the money is neatly upgraded in a pkg get cmatrix wake from die time in the writings of bin laden wikileak scan of intelligence and barbara bush was taken to heaven Jesus got er of the bad atuff by telling everyone to just say no to the influence of getting high to feel life and live dear madame president tbe little miss head gansta of the class of eliteism and skism go to heaven by Elija`s fire the next time im pissed ir there is a known intention of even harming him too big nah just fit inside it lime a distant coded ice cycles of motorcyles on dirt life eventually took off to worldwide top music hits and spoken bits and streams of those blits down thr lua pipe audio packed filters again and again when we or me say blast off she is always with his a few day of the dawn boarded up slits.

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