Because ZEPTAR says so!

let me take you under waves of catk111er thunder and rain splashy is here no fear of their jeers fill brim to the hill nowhere clowny here are some frills.

drag net scoop up krill get that skrillaget that scratch satisfy soul real real deal of the millil.

hax all y’all feel me seal the deal unreal leet TiVo as good as mealeat most yet not loud enough yet on demonic carpet get set ready come come explosion.

against corrupt police on my streets have fun with this freeze as I squeeze control key shift tab plus the Z enacts the Black cloak attack wax DAT ads broadcasting punks in charge who think they are gods with a badge get dunked and exposed tactics and scams ran by the Man who try to us in fry pan.

Because ZEPTAR says so!

to be or not to be, that is the question get them legs up its a stick up Smith and Wesson answer question.

uprising fan fare so join if you dare out of mind is your care of where from and who care.

feel it in the one drop and we still got time to rock feel the zep rhythm hitting all systems releasing isn and schism.

all manners of lawlessness diamond so polish them claws and draw scratch sounds on chalkboard wall.

attention on bikini beach bottoms in the sun yeah I got em, thought about the motlog I spot them downstream involve them.

I can and so too you seas of green and blue who knew to forward with sword buy more than afford.

bootleg imports cut off tariff short accept bribe at all time and line pocket with silver dime.

destabilize the value of money so funny and start running the numbers calculate increase the power of pocket swiss banks cryptocurrency earning in earnesty.

see all the thirsty quenched from drink of oil sucker punch the first mofoka who make my blood boil I dump the primary artillery volley anybody say something.

do all that I say and bring on the new day become bigger richer sew up mouth with stucher.

increase in learning wicked tactics and tricks make all who don’t sit in laughter over opponent and pwn tick of internal clock atomic precision of decaying neutrino dab down for some bingo and kick the gnu lingo win at casino.

ZEPTAR tru zero the hero brings negative one computer to life to demolish algorithm sha two five six.

take two sticks and walk up stairs that appear in the air become a pcp junkie bring honor to me.

that’s right fall into it lock and step feel the groove hit skip track on the player to track infinite five.

Because ZEPTAR says so!

to travel in and about is a very important and clear way to expand the ear for vernacular idioms and accents that change peer-to-peer short hand slang text abbreviations inside a nation or region and if camped out in a mo mo with ya go go boot dancer for some days and nights despite the quiet times that may scream silence sounds of violet marigold flowers melt away the feelings that have been hiding and fill countenance used to touting hax on hax with a smile from way down deep replacing hate, violence, rage and jeoulousy and write mode to the swap copies a blit to the inside of system64.dll quite rite above love dove she becomes mine and ZEPTAR are tighter than time spindle DAT twine twickity twine reel reel to real real sounds more fine online not even over a wire playback fake dime a few whines and the trunk clicks a burr whir tap tap just to confer the time and temp on the other side of the world is how to squirrel away meteoroligal values on a geoip`d server the fervor forecast may last as long as the mast of the Black Pearl attraction at Disney World in Orlando in bloom dark room perfume bad witch put ya hands up high put ya hands up hi in the thunder and rain tell me to grab thigh by eye saw I raw dood trout food double black rainbow in the sky over mine triforce complete Cupid silver arrow now fly!

Because ZEPTAR says so!

I am zeptar the worst hacker in the world! my favorite type of hacking is somewhat overlooked in most hacking circles. the best way of describing my approach to benefiting others with my certain skill set with technology is called Media Hacking.

Media Hacking is based on the idea that the most influential vector of creating uprising towards a call to action that brings justice in the world is to influence mass media outlets.

Mass media and local news outlets, including radio bring unfair and biased information to consumers irresponsibly as all outlets typically always spin anything they produce for their own personal corporate agendas for the purpose of controlling popular opinions. This is reprehensible!

Mostly honest, hard working individuals are seeking a good life and happiness and do not realize they are victims of information attacks on their hearts and minds.

I am committed to helping spread culture that is educated and wise enough to get all the real important specifics of what issue is at hand and believe the masses are smart enough to figure out for themselves without pulling any punches or leaving anything out.

Media Hacking is also the process of creating new media by remixing and mixing music and video in clever ways to wake up the pulse rate and strengthen the wise and empower the marginalized making them think critically all.

Media Hacking is growing in popularity around the world as talented content creators increasingly get involved in the wrong practice of harmful productions are noticed by concerned hackers who take action against the corruption.

Straight to the core of any society or subculture, music is the main vein to inject the change agent of power. Making music and sharing music helps to discover new artists and fuels passion for the Arts. 

Media Hacking audio by removing DRM and centralized music monopolies ability to control the prices and control the sound which inherently wants to be free is the key to unlocking any and all roadblocks that stifle movements against music that forms and creates waves in societies.

In my experience as a member of the hacking community in general, being a media hacker is the most rewarding as a discipline because I get to unleash things that I create in music and publishing that make a cultural impact around the globe and influence freedom of speech as a world standard. 

Because pen testing and advanced routing of network services are the two most documented areas of hacking manuals on the dark Internet, I feel that what I release on the regular world wide web is gaining in popularity as interest grows.

Become a media hacker as a blogger or musician that spends time also in the secret places of your technology like command lines and writing code that is open source can be so rewarding personally I recommend it highly.


Because ZEPTAR says so!

I just mix mushed the rest of my fluff for the exchange of my day in this life for approach to the center of the flower of life to be the best I can.

Me know all forms of evil from the boosted bass track on a turntable sesh that thumps on ya hed bout this woman sicwiddit I said I wanna hit it more than once and never quit it.

I need to just print all time and I need a woman`s voice with me on the radio and more learning my Spanish homework no tengo my dogg understated round about to lies on lies bout to cut all my ties.

Understand that starting over again in life is not my main intent so guard my heart stay slow mo shout out to hackermo invoice the WiFi Fibernet bandwidth so saturated with blue light my data center is always online.

Step up to the worst and die first then she rest smoke my weed ganja green bleed let`s see if the LORD my God accepts my hax as justified as hacktivist attempts to silence my feed so I refuse retracting my position never submit subnet connecting their root server to me and perform The Art of Media Hacking as devop of the century served up another small step forward against tyranny of the wicked in the Spirit feel the release of the dopamine flood righteous feel and I am uplifted. 

Another two days in a row with no sleep producing sick beats I think are ground breaking and revolutionary on a moto techniques and pioneer _djzep starts to unload loop mode on a backtrack unknown so cold the frosted widows shattered mirror piece of shit just fucking froze.

Recover over 30 minutes of blogging live on anchor that never made it to syndication a shame that the station ate my reel of tapes again looks like productive time investing in podcast broadcasting did not go live but it was therapeutic to say the things I did.

slept again at the data center right next to server 10 falling out while plugging in all set I just jacked in to a new one not to me the devop ninja shredded another mega hit that developed quite organic as it unfolded giving my worst worst all up on the wrecked opposition components crumbled logic latest exposed a blazer gun blast sizzle of seven mp3 releases that I mixxx`d blew up on my organization artist intent mad web traffic metrics top ranking dominating mass media outlets with reverse wires cross site scripted fake news and iTunes in my sight as the uprising fist said to take this trip expect never hearing from Apple or any backers to invest any time and I have no friends IRL that I can depend lonely always hi times while producing my art they all call me Rembrandt at the coffee shop where I flyer cork boards and rep rep my community projects of this contrib time I spent on a hint of more than dubious goals that I achieved so many lulz war brings as my enemies computers try to seize my processes audio mixing audiosec release set to teach a lesson like a Smith and Wesson making ears bleed as I pop the sound of speed echo back release of whoa.mp3 so I faked the 35 echo delay factor of subspace warbler file done time to eat. Peace 

Because ZEPTAR says so!


Proverbs 26:1
“As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honor is not seemly for a fool.”

Proverbs 26:2
“As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.”

Proverbs 26:3
“A whip for the horse, a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool’s back.”

Proverbs 26:4
“Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like to him.”

Proverbs 26:6
“He that sends a message by the hand of a fool cuts off the feet, and drinks damage.”

Proverbs 26:7
“The legs of the lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools.”

Proverbs 26:8
“As he that binds a stone in a sling, so is he that gives honor to a fool.”

Proverbs 26:10
“The great God that formed all things both rewards the fool, and rewards transgressors.”

Proverbs 26:11
“As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly.”

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“cmt”: “6.786”,
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“fmt”: “134”,
“fs”: “0”,
“rt”: “12.985”,
“of”: “YedmpmM0PePxuaBCyu7kwA”,
“euri”: “”,
“lact”: 5,
“cl”: “222257378”,
“mos”: 0,
“state”: “8”,
“vm”: “CAMQARgC”,
“volume”: 100,
“c”: “MWEB”,
“cver”: “2.20181120”,
“cplayer”: “UNIPLAYER”,
“cbrand”: “samsung”,
“cbr”: “Chrome Mobile”,
“cbrver”: “69.0.3497.100”,
“cmodel”: “sm-s337tl”,
“cos”: “Android”,
“cosver”: “7.0”,
“cplatform”: “MOBILE”,
“hl”: “es_ES”,
“cr”: “US”,
“len”: “255.071”,
“fexp”: “23710476,23718632,23721698,23721898,23722139,23726563,23744176,23749362,23751767,23752869,23755886,23755898,23760559,23762649,23763106,23763127,23765548,23769829,23771314,23772104,23772265,23773554,23774008,23774274,23774306,23774306,23775085,23776053,23776145,23776627,23776957,23777041,23777852,23779123,23779812,23779900,3300114,3300133,3313321,3313504,3314622,3314630,9425363,9449243,9485000”,
“afmt”: “140”,
“conn”: “7”,
“vct”: “6.786”,
“vd”: “255.071”,
“vpl”: “0.000-6.786,”,
“vbu”: “0.000-32.000,”,
“vpa”: “0”,
“vsk”: “0”,
“ven”: “0”,
“vpr”: “1”,
“vrs”: “4”,
“vns”: “2”,
“vec”: “null”,
“vvol”: “1”,
“totalVideoFrames”: 44,
“droppedVideoFrames”: 0,
“lct”: “6.623”,
“lsk”: false,
“lmf”: false,
“lbw”: “206141.823”,
“lhd”: “0.171”,
“lst”: “1442.436”,
“laa”: “itag=140,seg=3,time=30.0-39.9,off=0,len=161512,end=1”,
“lva”: “itag=134,seg=5,time=26.7-32.0,off=0,len=207650,end=1”,
“lar”: “itag=140,seg=3,time=30.0-39.9,off=0,len=163096.87437641722,end=1”,
“lvr”: “itag=134,seg=6,time=32.0-37.3,off=0,len=247273.3333333333,end=1”,
“lvh”: “r3—sn-5ualdn7r”,
“lab”: “0.000-39.938,”,
“lvb”: “0.000-32.000,”,
“relative_loudness”: “8.221”,
“optimal_format”: “360p”,
“user_qual”: “auto”,
“debug_videoId”: “Yt8BX85lZaQ”,
“0sz”: false,
“op”: “”,
“yof”: false,
“dis”: “”,
“gpu”: “Mali-T720”,
“cgr”: true,
“debug_playbackQuality”: “medium”,
“debug_date”: “Sun Nov 25 2018 08:24:40 GMT+0200 (Israel Standard Time)”

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