Because ZEPTAR says so!

How long how many thong song gone wrong before I get some? Im waiting and waiting and then I wait in vain, she comes and im not ready snorted too much knlonopin. Then what do i do just wait another week? Something has got to give Lord I let to much love go away and it is not returned. Please have ear to my cry and set someone with more alibi to be by my side and scorn me from pride but its all inside that I hold these despositions of my ride. Let the love come back to me that traveled around the sun so much. I feel like i am owed a bunch, but the little that comes i dont know how to wrangle and i feel a dangle that I am not important in this smangle of bangal. Now what much must I do but go to church for you only to see another that my heart pump to that can replace this once a week saga that goes no where but drama to the mama and i cannot even believe everything she says, send me a nice x rated christian woman instead. its all i can think but to have you wink and blink to me whatever may be will be. dear lord i cry to you im sick of waking up lonley name save my cat be unto me. thank you for what i found this morning it was a up an morning yawning and i want to write again no matter what is in my head. so here we go to the show with some fat endo is it mine nein but who will supply until i can get by wouldst thou send her again my leige my lord on my knees i need someone to seize my power and direct me to write to thee again and again ya see. my crazy writing is something absididnt and turns away those with wit and prose to prey upon my existancing so to speak why cannot they turn to me fully? what must i do to encapture a heart or two so i turn my words into a blog and break the smaug from village pillage with a bard arrow to the heart. crashing flame retardant some farthest i have the jewel what to expect from fools all i can say is im writing to you again from the bottom of my heart hoping and praying that you will ignite a spark between me and her whomever she may be, i pray for the unborn and all that is come to me, please oh god hear my hammer strike hot and i go blow for blow and wish for a little pot. i know your timing will prevail oh lord, please let me fellowship in one accord. i am bored of waking with no purpose i seek to blog to you of course this is my recompense and im sorry ive been lazy and hazy but i need a fine ass girl to make it go to the waayzie, at least thats what i think ast me and A`dre kick it, please unto us com com com a bunch and letter say letter see and letter be informativily immortaly the words we need to fellowship with thee. more and more i ask and i sit here unpass, please lead me to finish the dishes everyday and clean the house in thy type of way. we say hi to the Great Spirit and hope we can hear You in all of It about to be more human can be and as we seat expectant for vent on top of heaven sent please listen to me the Zeptar we be, zeptar are they say as we proclaim the Majestry from On High as Bob Marley sang. I reach to to you nay me and A`dre do saying please come through and unblock the fetters t hat we cannot reach trough. oh god make a way for us today when there seems to be no way and at the time make us randy to the mic like a fick or fike that never wants to be blight and always spigot right dont block our flesh when it counts the best oh make us sing upon them jeans and please see through our mortal sins of tru that we try to stifle to get revelry revelry rifle clean and sheen like shin jon jean and watch over us as a flock of seagull trusts in your magnetic wave of fangetic pleasure stint in our heart never bent i zeptar sing to you Lord, and we are in one accord as we blog and blog like never a hog to be slain by smj ever again we pray let us minister through radio and word blister wherever we go in the name of you ZOLO ZION MISISTERO of course we know that without JESUS blood the flood would reach our heads above where we can breath let us move the mountain for thee, direct our day that we may impress you oh lord and those of your accord, bring to us tobacco bring to us mota, forget the drink, we pour it all down the kitchen sink for the homies that are past and we seek smoke that will last the pillar by day and fire by night will show us t he light as my predator backpack shines the red lightning on dimes and the pillar we carry goes before us show us a girl to marry instead of getting weeked and weeked with no firmament to sink they talkin bout this guy and that guy like what about me YOUR guy, we dont understand all these temptations from man but its a total turn off no matter how her flesh feel we cannot get over it and bring it to her real. we pray for Halloween that she will unfurl our jeans and all our clothes and we will repray prose, make us feel like the only person in the world to her we pray still, and we dont get all thse unbent cards in the field that feel like a bad deal. we just want one who will woship us as the Sun as we give all to the Son and to you Father in heaven we run. we wish for a girl we can pray with and both hear your words, over Sunday we pray that we just may meet one so sweet that we can knock off her feet and yours with hers sweeping our leg like a ninja furls let us setup a bible study and get a buddy to come that we may teach lesson life from your Son with Mechlchezidek run and may our website be tru and light never to ash again as we pledge allegiance to the flag of #7f7f7f7f. ❤ zeptar blogging again by a mighty and true pen not phalse ever gain we grain the gain of the 101 proof name of the pillar that was shaken by the blind Samson we take time. Die Phillastenes who dont fall on their knees to the One True God, we cover with smog and ninja smoke shrienking shrienks and darts and poisoning their arts with the True Magic from on High the Holy Terror shrinks the little guys and gals with mal in they hearts for us to be gel instead make our feet as sure as the Angels keep to never falter but keep the steady foot of thy keep for as in as much as we fall we pray to be lifted up over walls and obsticles so tall that all who follow us may be lifted tall and grow like the Cedar in Lebanon that you may not smash by your voice but lead wis with choice and ZMODE the bad gyys with my red and black ninja attack whtat can raise a lazer beam and saok it back in see just to show them then lazer phazer jun jack of the splat they may face if i was not in your grace.

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