Because ZEPTAR says so!

zeptar is with. nah be, like da mon said. now what do is do every timing right. nah be left alone with wife. chronic comes steady as does the sex with much clown love beaming in instead of dark times zedhed lovely success and plentiful growth as we are with and nah be like that instead. ok so what is is is and there are no regerets as always present and move forwars with reflecting as a gift. so chronic, sex and much clown love abounding and ultimate abiding as Christ gets recommitment standing in the faith no confusion here and uh she tries too untangle africa zulu nation try zeptar nation invasion speaks for its people we are blessed indeed the tt`s the tta with more loving on the way. always in love every day as with keyword looming always parting gift we win in the center and sinner nah bigger always more good than bad and she comes to me more often like each and every day about me talk a lot in self and peers coolest person in the playbook always up and lift.

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