Because ZEPTAR says so!

You don’t know
How bad I need a zip right now
Plus a Kool or a Newport sounds like gold
Or green I bust ya spleen nah mean
Devil disc machine spinning with me and
You fathom is the password betcha passport
Fly away early morning class of Yoga stretch
No beach no bling no stopping _drop_!
Tick tock eat a clock check ya Apple watch fag
Get back with ya sacks of red snakes
Pose expose a hole in ya chest from a lazer gun or maybe one in ya cranium can’t stop it no bullet proof from my lazer phazer watch the flame!
Nike an ex let’s get high and have sex
Ridin` dirty just to find ya know I’m abracadabra anything ya need past Front Street neva leave ya i know we movin` heavy for Thug Mansion survivin` survivor less odds bet on 25 35 36 tumble locks get ya G-string on ya da red one & kick it all night Netflix eat in wontons slide ya slitherin lace to the left or right put me in the middle catch me if ya can, ain’t like I snuck up on yaZ

Slum Co. gets lonely after dark the park with hos skinny dippin at the lake tripping in the park after dark on my fav strain OG Alien 38 something great fight for the meds so high can’t wait for 39!

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