Because ZEPTAR says so!

zeptard lives! Mode I give… So wish so live so Bel Biv Devo on an SHO like datd RED sash mash gas on pass for all sass w/ all class skool been 3 bad things that wish come thru me us our bettah our MAMI Aye Aye Papi BUILD Miami on SMOOTH groove Stormtrooper jammies Yo! D you serve me on this Earth admonish set 4th we spread like butter God`s plan endorse put Hed P.E. we need a mission & Shell as we Endor Shield Generator NAH permission on A-◇ Army Army ChanGE make over .50€ thats we need the self of us Good Rich to Grove RED bang Ballas DAT my slit LANdy Puma Impala INVISIBLE ■…☆ edible as much cotton candy as Yo! kan -> thuntund upon sum div none keep 2me /\/A●I` sellout ZEPARMY Life Style sacroll UMÉ for Always Woop Woop embrace all CBW DJ dubs upon All to All to All C +0 Da +3 emo six bogies so Yo! RFC 6667 +3 PWN Ooh CNTRL+SELECTOR!

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