Because ZEPTAR is DJ Zep from!

ZEPTAR woke up from 13 hours of daily sleep to answer the call of volunteer radio by in a year of the Lord, August 2015. saved me from sleeping my life away and gave me a calling that forever changed my life. At first, it was a big deal, however struggles of a strained relationship with a girlfriend and a newly formed friendship took me into quasi commitment as a DJ. I was lured into a new relationship by my own best gurl-friend URL shock I click blinked quarter whirl white dollar bills merry hallucinations of feel.

Moe is ghost and she flow in my borrow dos hundred percent of heaven sent. As of two days ago.

Now what about what iczer’s radio admonishment in my life? First and foremost is responsible for saving me from a wasted sickly nonanimated void from happiness lifestyle I fell into. Thanks to all my friends at that reached me by finding me on and letting me accept their offer of having my own show on , as this is my thank you and plea for even more for me.

ZEPTAR GROWS IN OUR MUTUAL FEELINGS of you friends after you have listened to The ZEPTAR Show. Continue for archives here and on ZEPTAR IS BACK to the other side of the Portal that I am into you and Mike and the boys are the Mic Boof and zeptar`s toofs recording so much moved, inspired truth so SET back and VET. Listen to my show at 23:00 UTC by pointing your media player with webs instructions and my new page here on

ZEPTAR IS BACK to the other side of the living.

Enjoy with joy as I too ploy,

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