Because ZEPTAR says so!

The FBI removes “Juggalos” from their list of gangs. They issue a formal apology to Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Which is not enough for the duo, although they are ectatic for their music fans altogether they feel let down even though Vindicated and clear and free of all accusations. However sentiments among some FBI agents about it are mixed both parties start to work together by joining forces as the ZEPTs, also known as The ZEPTAR EMPTY PILE TRASHFIRE SQUAD, replacing the Juggalo Task Force with FAM. This new effort by the FBI aims to educate the public about JUGGALOS in general, however, no one still knows what is a Juggalo. They get together for coffee and listen to DJ Zeptar`s JUGGA2MIX, The El Schienablo Version and all of ZEPTAR`s mixes that include samples and unlicensed Juggalo music mp3`s in an effort to unravel this mystery. This leads to a mutual understanding between the forces that they are both doing good in the world and were just kind of like a Jack and Jake Jeckel dance much like the unfolding flower of lava known as the Sun. They realize they are much like the Sun with lots of energy to burn and got caught up in something that the FBI are quite frankly embarrassed by as a Department. In return, Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope issue a new CD with a secret track which is song of forgiveness caused by all the injustice dealt during the time that the JUGGALO`s were on the list. This prompts the Justice Department to order as much reverse of injustice to all the including $100,000 each to any JUGGALO harmed, including the family members as a more solid statement of this realization by the two parties. Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope are then moved emotionally and all wounds caused by this for years are healed. The ZEPT then starts OpJUGGALOS, a Juggalo Community Enrichment Program that is mutually beneficial to the FBI and JUGGALOS. OpJuggalos reaches estranged FAM and unites the estranged by using all the data collected during the time on the list to coordinating FAM in their local areas making the JUGGALOS stronger as music fans and friends in music with free JUGGALO concerts, underwritted by the FBI and Justice Department funds. All acts performing these concerts agree to deliver the message of zeptar. All the JUGGAlOS and JUGGALETTES agree to include “ZEPTAR LOVES YOU!” and or either “ZEPTAR IS RAD!” in their lives as a mantra from the JUGGALO music they hear. “ZEPTAR IS RAD!” appears in the liner notes and comments of JUGGALO music, which further strengthens FAMILY BONDS Worldwide, increasing the popularity and Internet sales and Compact Disc releases and re-releases of the genre by 665%. The ZEPTARS and JUGGALOS join up as eachothers` extended family which causes a synergy between the two raise awareness of their respective brands around the globe. ZEPTARS & JUGGALOS exist in peace with eachother and the “WikkiD Shit” wins several grammys next year because of the way ZEPTAR produced their records and re-enginneerd them by using l337 media haxoring skills through the Holy Spirit and Dark Carnival`s alignment sending revelations from Jah Rastafari through the listeners with songs that change as you listen to them. This is a breakthrough in ZEPTAR`s music career and he recieves MCL from the FAM. There is a rainbow over the hood signifying God`s promise to the FAM in a way only understood by the FAM themselves on what exactly is a JUGGALO. Fulfilling Violent J and Violent J`s lifelong question of “WHAT IS A JUGGALO?” Shaggy 2 dope is briefed by Violent J and the root question that GOD solves for Violent J makes the JUGGALOS ZEPTARS and the ZEPTARS JUGGALOS for all eternity. All is well amongst the two parties and the lyrics of the genre evolve into the positive message that was always behind all the misinterpeted songs is revealed to VIOLENT J alone, causing the re-written re-engineered albums much like Gangsta Rap evolved into more flashy more positive uprising music and VIOLENT J and SHAGGY 2 DOPE regrow their dreadlocks. ZEPTAR also grows dreadlocks and the the two become the most bestest FAMS.

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