why you gwan up to bring it down, when you should be down to go up to town? on the bloggy roll feels walls to the ceils and a drop fucc`n seals cause tell the red desk secretary that we the REAL REAL L9L for A`dre, call me back in ten minutes and say I did it, alright bout to pop a puffin on some stuffin like whats up with those poppy muffins stringy still, C# edges shrill on the middle nah i dont a i do and we do uh lets uh back and uh lette`s you imma try and send this 665 on a deck like a new game, hit the star on yes eight And Uh, we uh, gr8!!

Hello, preview track sayith ZEPTAR uh, And Uh, computer voice roll with the echo, come on… steal away for 15 minutes to help me with my Project XYZ,,, Rerousal sprousal nah miss me widdit come on 15 minutes, look it take an extra five minutes to lemme winnit if i can spinnit besides a Eek the Cat, guess yah that!!! HOPE we win again, this the new DJ Zep spend it, nah save this one got a new hit!!!

Give us a HIT A`dre, come on, ya gotta ucool ya know!? nah defame LBC nah LBC now LBC, NAH LBC, rough raw nah qual!!! caul a carrots ums like mierda como me te llamo, me dice en L9L`l…

Por supuesto okay i brought this new sshow to the radio called and on and on and on anonradio.net try to click it and force nah ya read it, just playin… right now said like its starts like this in case ya nah have the Cabrellos del Tiempo or the sit back Patience to hear it… PTF did not die and, uh, i got Wanda to show ya this if ya just listen a bit i will stop writing a lil bit, And uh, a lil bit, And, Uh… look one take per sample listen to mi dirrecion.

Okay im never done ever ever ever even if me muevete una montana cuando yo LBC okay here we got THE RETURN OF DJ ZEP ON ANONRADIO.NET!!! good thing time stamps do not bend or anything.. sending down a SCIENTIFIC OBERVSIVION… okay so time may bend and im a little dot like this . now watch me grow dark matter and uh stuffs as Bradley Nowell goes from phreakin in a hail stale hell cell for a fight over a gurl, nah nah oh yeah he did, i followed Sublime since i was a yout kidd, And uh.. Lemmes see im trying to remember the whole show to describe it but that is nao how it began… lemme listen again.. BIGGIE RAVE say force choke on a gunsmoke next or wassups on the securis??????

Dude this aint no joke and i aint comin out im out of the room sitting as big as darktux did stomping around. And uh, yo A`dre Uh I know I am a Spiritual Man however lotta lovin gwan come round and I breath on this sound… Uh get the twine and the duct tap for this duck tape wallet geek i will show you and i wont even pull a home prayer for this strammmin strap for my unnamed guitar machine…

For you see it is it now 18 birthday, nah MEAN!? fareal farel ccats we feed reall cc feel cc on this copy call back on this, wait i think i fuccin it hit!! that one time from jinx didnt we make duct tapes duck tape wallets with flashy rainbow coder coder.. of this if this was this statement did not you do logic okay follow… nao.. swallow this… ok! nao.. okay okay okay okay…

IF A THIS WAS JUST A THAT THIS AND A THAT THIS WAS THIS, And Uh, would not I be more than a Wizard of Id, nah soggy and dread with fake snoopy ears, listen im the fuccin shit in Japan okay, keep it SO SO SILENCED!! take me to the back!! nao! time tie me up with this twine and uh okay okay project in front im gamble pramble like a 14 stem step on this Dope Phresh Phunky Flunky Nah Rhyme… TIME.. when when when dot dot dot hop bunny skip out on a phresh conspiracy Loc, Vatos Locosssos green burn red me nay drop on Rasta ya say however whats clever may and may and May, I?

i got this Project OKay thats Pac on his lines okay Thug Passion for my BANGER HIT OF THE TIMES, And Uh, in Japan if i go out on a 111`er with all them ounces of muscle in the sleeper thats paint i keep up on it, it is not all theatre!!! okay saw it on a chinese menu at a place callled Wrizt, where they serve RAINBOW HAMSTER DINNER … (you seriously can watch 8K footage of Hamster Feedings, And Uh, its so fuccin cool if ya never saw a show, cuz and nuz was hamster getting ate by Sweet Harmony Jaws 13 8K-Roll this is the real real silver screen, like in Japo`n they got gawkers upon gawkker watching this RAINBOW MEAL SHOW, they watch the hamster eat a dinner with the little human hands and glow.. with glee they exlaim on the filter of light, im t he mothaflocka was up z to the itti on my BUS ya gonna bring brink brink, ah nah some one is in my blinker cameras on a look over ya shoulder And Uh, i forgot to remember that its all good on a lil silver screen sometime if ya glass lense was glimmering all just caught up with my eye this time, whisper like i dont know.. ahh And uh, oh yea the anonradio show of DJ Zep was on the track chuckie doll wanna drive!?

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