The STATUSNET THAT anyone can edit!


here is what i got up so far so we can compare edits if we knead dough (its totally cool!)

zeptar.org statusnet***

4:20 AM 7/25/2018 restarted the servers because mysql was running wonkish… seems stabalized now (VOICE OF DATA from ST:tng) DATA DID NOT TAKE OVER FROM THE CAPN SMIRK OR DID HE?

1:56 PM 7/25/2018 hello, i cannot wait 24 hours i am a communicator and i was not trying to do anything bad by editing a popular article with Loki mention… however i love to talk and i got a whole set of knowledge with links and im going to make it a point to edit on a regular basis… im like this, i come to wikipedia and i make an edit and never come back, i got mad love for Canonical despite what my browser imprint or email provider indicate… zeptar.org

2:22 PM 7/25/2018 thanks for the user talk page, i needed a status net for zeptar.org, i am spreading out with some iced coffee and i have Jane on repeater mode for the next 11 hours… just kidding weather is great the machines are running and i found GOLD in the commode! lulz. if you need to reach me just edit this page as anonymous use so i can get your IP for troubleshooting. Skirt skirt, did not mean to insult Bruce Wayne.. Wrong number wrong channel wrong frequency, i only saw how big the fucc was and was like im the c for Christ. SPRAY PAINTED BLACK!!!

4:01 PM 7/25/2018 restarted all server array banks for dark matter shield (HED PE EARTH CLOAK)

*hosted by WIKIPEDIA

**Please only ZEPTAR updates on STATUSESS` (garbled pronounciation)

***be sure to edit anonymously if ya got a DJ tip on a ZEPTAR scooter buffin nuffin? okay login lets sub on wikipedia with some real ZEPTAR knowledge.. starin at you SCHOLAR BALLER.. 😉 And Uh, u know who worrly twrily me!!!