Please look, listen & read…


okay i ain`t lyin but i`m gwan on tour to dance bak.up with Cardi B also I run security from the doll`d up pimp`d up then i hit the DJ controller to change the loop and jump thru her fire blaz`in hoolahoop like wat where the heck where in heavens where oh my May I. See eTAR dance machine learn`d sum moves from Drizzy on the lean oh yeah, she on the dance roll I called up a RAVE she like smok`in gnaw mean like ARGGG!!! Aye Matey, yay yah we can see!!! ALRIGHTY ZZEN double up on double D`deedz rollin golf course next to me she be, I`m like yah I read ya piece bout how ya baby call golf moves cause she be like when nah next to me Jah believe me! Dear Lawd, on insta saw her BELLIE pics, …

i`m like nah Bartier make him or her play golf only this time beat everyone on the course gample gamble all him or her be hittin` all rows on rows on rows on rows like ZEPTAR DID!!! RAWR!!! look idk but imma call it, it might possibly be a boy, but ianad on arollie like a sucka but im her sucka Cardi Bartier, like wut you mean, step on gas, MASH the SCENE, look at my gimp hand if you don`t believe I fucc with CARDI BARTIER LIKE ON NOTTV, this for the real punks 4th) smokin on the bloggie roll, go ahead and repost i ain`t hatin folks so wut good day good day hello can`t touch it its so hawt like im her lo she my lette hit it on a red carpet, switch from the word to the beat okay now slow dance for her and me, BARTIER wanna sing?~) me know ya been writing writing writing all blessed days,, that we may have upon JAH`s Planet!

so hey wat the Aliens Are PPL Too, thats an APPLE AD for the PC`s next too. Same same everythang think different like me and you. Be grown be grown sow that seed it`s Planet Six, sittin right next to you, what comes after Earth, Science 101, i aiint even know cause it`s ZEPTAR now all I see, gravvity wave so much closer me! im the one ya ate hate me love~)

umm like okay SEVEN let`s not MOB THE ANTI LUV, saw that on a home movie on the B-Roll like credits on a video who does those? all the pro`s on the diff eq EEK THE CAT YO!!! make sure you get thatt on DVD show it to YOUNGIN stay away from GIN i be on a wake up beer JIM MORRISON. Like hey grandpa Poetry wat it roll, like a YOGA POSE hittin season four. take it all take it all take it all here it comes. number nine what planet? don`t do or not say ICE PLANET PLUTO?

up or down SUN DOTH SHRINK or DO IT GROW? which way is up, gravity wave can i measure those? im like yah by the LBS how much 1 weigh, saving those for VENUS that be planet eight. so if I dance for CARDI and play her songs on stage, you be from VENUS and quell all these h8er`s rage. l8r…. ❤ zeptar