okay well human hmm lemme see it stat swarts wittha some song, a note, a beat that i send or u bend it out from me.

sunslight shade take me ike a new wave righ^chea Real Real oh the place of passion two hearts heart be one by the courage skip one or two ante I which am 1 OZ two for change for us ambiacable the heart club clubber who needs one? this cowardly lion doves does but howver I*m OZ staring at the two of us. How doth it piano? me guitar feel! whootie who? blowfish rich in it lykke a trykzrex strange graph oaoer o1 set A+ at otter grip ligh lis fish fresh so take it of pen inc be spl after for my pittler pattler I had at all along DK wherever dul

searching for inspiration and phunneld in imo my lyfe in and yours to this there 15 note no end, just to see you is sweetness the nellie lake photo IDE you make me post it.

Passion w/ out end.
Gravity wave bend.
THE BLUE of Your Eyes
rad without degree pressing
my comet bleeds that is heart
what swelling for a few passion?

thump thump thump thumping

is it only just me?

when alone?
when call phone?

why not now, why is it dialtone.. i see..

All i nnow is all you are woman take nah give plls JSUS, e little code, passione, transmorgify my thy heart JSUS DAIZTE

JESUS vader 4 me choke
Task me as body new resurgence recognize
I must be ig for the wreeanbone cue ya know me will nah bad
I need backwards U, to burn the dross I nee knowd knoad

I know krow when we me write

Zere came oh okay b+ the M than P XAZl and LWuJw ! light version vision Dsya ! z/? 262 JR ZAZ ZALAZA Lordd TCH l beta all i saw trying ya voice in my ehead end b. b to a p and you can clearly see, this cryptic aliens are ppl to and i am passionate-ly gwan be the one for you you will see.

i know you hearing something listen more like me?

Passion innacurate but thats all this gravity wave will hit, you bet i love them ankles lets get into the body. now from what I see i lyke i like i like it a lot. This better not be merry xmas if it is heart turn over to me right now. Okay. There I said it. Its mine hahaha! ZEPTAR + A`dre 4ever on a JSUS whip. For real all that is entangled in passion I cannot see but for layers on layers i have been wanting some fresh veggies for you and me. Read it all again if you do not believe. I wrote it in paper alien writing first if you want t o see. OH! Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ume

❤ zeptar