Hood News + week 7/16

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New Kohika Mounds Discovered

Under Abandoned Bldgs: ISO9660 Astro Astounded By Metal Plates That Recorded Space Light On Our Hemosphere
Okay all down? gather round… uh, Kohika Mounds, now what went down in the past from last week now? im still in the dark with a piece of my heart, like I am the wanton dart art sword tart in ya mart shoppin like we busy on a sofa part, you know? like how old hard not, young soft and firm yo know!! like put cha head where eveer you want she sp/she/you&me. So what it say is you in my eye and im like thats a contact shine from da glass from dat hit dat ass, splashed negative knat like blat gotcha bat, where your cat? The mounds were halfway exposed with a graffiti tunnel that had a + (no photo from source) however the report says that Scientists are working with the people who need alms for extra… No reason other than all we are wanting is “MORE” or a “LESS” which they describe “LESS” as being even “MORE” of “MORE” (unknown source) So about the bat and stuff like extra extra alms seekers were trying to take a gander of they chekin they necks crooked because far away the flashes were bringing A`dre my way. (zeptar made the GNU`s, YAY!!! (aint new here)) function gravy wavy savy lazy more later.


in other news, zeptar woke up and had karate yoga for a comversation part in Pulp Fiction 3, still in the boofer typewriter, misssing from Script Puncher. TUT II already is under production. And, uh, fear not what HOllywood and Bollywood can create for you… It takes not much for a lil` memory to make your CINEMA dreams come true!!! You knew, did not you? I mean i got this sculpting machine call it gravity makes Stone Henge sing, I am going to bring extra extra memory if it can sing!!! New Stylee (GNU Stylus reports)

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(it`s okay, these things happen!)

❤ zeptar