Baked Ziti: Hold the Ziti, Because Microbus Fantasy

Please listen… microbus

Around three years ago a special friend came into my life at a place that ain`t church or nuthin, but Uh, And Uh I was like needin` a ride, and this GNU gurl was politely asked on my behalf to drive me home in her personal vehicle and I got the chance to tell her some of my personal story and how it felt so gory and this war story that was forrayed stuck with her mind as she reminded me of it the other day.

Now I ain`t sayin no names or giving anything away but I think that all accounts best go down to her I thought that day…

I told her how I put a backpack through a window while sneaking one through the door, saying a quiet prayer about being unsure whether I was a thief who entered by the window or was I like Christ, the wisest and knock softly on the door of the heart ready and there always prepared for whatever we say when He appears there. Made it obvious that past mental health issues were there but somehow I am aware that this hottie driving me was out of reach like the Tree of Life, now I wish if this was like that and that was this and, uh somehow showing I wasn`t dumb because uh, the car was GNU and ran on Raspberry Pi MINI. For all the bells and whistles it distracted my story but somehow she heard the gory details of my frustrated broken mind, which I recall she recall total recall … “Let`s get our asses to Mars,” I yelled out the window to a passer by!!!

So this was a ride to around the same place, where I still recall the look of curiosity on sp/her/you (lookup sp/her/you on google for the sed or awk reference NFS puff puff pass)

I take you back in time in the vision from my eyes, after the first class, nah wait pass. Should I share this?

Her is here now is when, I take And, Uh back in time, the curiosity and eagerness to serve her overloards was first thing on her mind. Her job, her ride, her choice, our time.

Don`t you see how this unfolded, I always was very fond of her from that moment out. This week I`m going hard for all oozing love, even sum that can transmorgafry thoughts and brains to urge toward some big big lubby dd if zero could write then fill me with the command to write them zero`s write. Kamakazi sublime on my mind too much personal life? Yahbadabadoo Caveman time!!

Just to gain her trust I bought a microbus future prophection vehicle with airplane mode for her and me. Get her inside for a 9K tour, she can be the snooper check out my Chong fuzzy beads around the topper, oh wait o man i forgot to club her out!?

Hopefully a beat on the boombox can get the head bobbin otherwise my secret power 993 will have to do the job. oh how man secret powers I got 1000^5 today everyday it grow exponentially, as long as YOGA FLEX, my next short diddy prose will not be the fake cat spiller on TV.

so the next verse go like this, oh grape slizzzurrrup spill on ya shirt!? mini washing machine and dryer next to my TV, in the back of my vee dub mini microbus, even lazer printer for ya syllabus. .. so what up girl you then one! the ocean fish im fishin throw em all back cause you the one, now do bite that double bubble shirt off and look at the tag, dryer cycle gentle clothing, here is the USB Tea Brewing Machine… that`s right it`s all USB Three, but if you rock an apple the Firewire charger cable adaptor will work to transfer our Studio Capable Hiking Video Exploitings….

In fact here we go to the future, iPhone X can we get one!? I give you all budgeting cept a few pennies for me, also check it out the Movie of the Plot is Blair Witch 3, cause the 2nd (although good in it`s own right ) Anyways, this thing can vroom to the woods where we gonna shoot the 3rd Blair Witch, movie crew is me and you, And, UH you got iTUNES cause I only use VLC Player, got no time for them haters that want to own the sound that is free. And, Uh I got no beef to walk about being paid as an Artist, c`mon let`s get up off this memory foam of grey felt carpet. *(-0 ❤ zeptar 5:38 AM 7/15/2018