a….before Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on anonradio.net on Saturday nights is “hardmous” which is furious hard straight DJ ON live at anonradio.net, now I know I have not talked about this Internet Radio Station before, and all yalll that even know I am associated with the movement is them/those who know me as “zeptar” from sdf.org (an online community running Public Access Unix System and over 20,000 phone-lines for dial-up Internet Access) (among other things| anyways beat it up like some beef curtians! Walk the beef dont eat the beef. Who needs to know? YOU!

My favorite show (which is hard other than my The Zeptar Show) is Intergalactic Wasabi Mix by Snowdusk. Snowdusk is the DJ that stands out the most to me, see its anonradio.net but anonymously his name is Gary and I believe him. Just like I`m showing you I have to hide nothing because I`m the most famous DJ from anonradio.net just kidding, tob from the dubious goals committee is. Now if you pressed play you are listening to a stream straight from anonradio.net and tonight I hope to blog while I listen to the show “Intergalactic Wasabi Mix” by Snowdusk!!!

So snowdusk usually comes on after making his pot a coffee and smoking like 3 or f5 and then he says “THIS IS SNOWDUSK LAEVE FROM ANONRADIO.NET” and then He really comes online and mixes t he dopeest phreshet or 80s or whatever is on his “agenda” for the night. He gots the sickest transitions of any DJ and the sickest fills of any except for DJ Zeptar. lulz.

There is a lot more to anonradio.net than Snowdusk, this is just a big lollipop plug for the dude Snowdusk, he is Canadian DJ, and He is Asian, are you all blind.

from his show

Cant you see me calling? Technology Gap… AWESOME TRANSITION”””.he says welsome to everyone in COM on SDF.ORG which is kind of like a ksh chat scriptwritten by someone from the University of Washington back in the 90`1s or so, who knows. You can write your own COM script with ECHO and SLEEP for self amusement and tricking out guests. Like fortune files divided by % signs.

I once wrote “boobs” or sdf, which has to be re-written but I dont think i can ever achieve the ones i saw last week from across the room cause i know they be link BANGIN! im all high with no bangs, got the LBC hair style…

Snowdusk warns to not reinstall everything on the computer because there is so much to reinstall… so he had to start with… what was it… is it Jaguar or Pannther first.. so far he has installed two OSX, yes he did jay bug, he had to first install FREEBSD, (too many zeptar.exe`s?_ who knows.. he stopped the geek talk all of us at sdf love geek talk…

shiners, takers, movers, shakers…

strange hex riff…

planets, movers, hackers, planets, planets, planets…. PLANET ZEPTAR WELCOMES YOU TO INTERGALACTIC WASABI MIX!!!

Please enjoy…

for more on snowdusk visit:snowdusk.sdf.org

there are many more mp3 shows available at anonradio.net

“[snowdusk] hahaha kumata!”

❤ zeptar