we got dat beet!

omg, let me glow
wouldnt ya know, stole da show
on a loop so ya know, from the dark
through the terminal, ching ching hamster string cheese
nice snack, fur please? ate it whole, fur all gwan, avacado ripe as taste go, perfecto, the place, the time, pre-dawn`d, two heart one roll sweet dro,. anytime,, lets go, to the sack, que color, verde? solomente… si., at 7/11. throwin a slurpee, nice distract, grab me 3!, at the pinball. machine., blind as f*** wont see, that dark, light through, peep hole, shadow, it glow, round glow, duy show, dark matter, means whole, not even a grain of rice, no complain yo, Christ`s blood, SOLO, not a robot, AI, just ya typical ordinary day life type of guy… yeah right, im who? zeptar, wrizt dues! nah playin, wrizt with me, mixing, double time machine, fun times, crown royal, gettin soil for my foil, thats a reflection for the violet, actually Orchid. LETS TRY IT!? Object orient ded zed? NOT YET!, zedhed, get in bed, time to sleep, MUMMY HEAD,. alright, wrap it up, for what, pink pass slip in stuff!
i know, im you, you me, light through, okay,. why not, cause dark, scary as F*** mkay no burnt skin, only TAN for you, begin! already did, with FRIENDS, EAST COAST, stacked bridge, which one? I dont know., went to Staten Island, played a show. Which day? SUNDAY, gave the kid with Korina wood for Americans, so what.. DIVIDED? dont know, plastic sit? oh no, no me, saw dat in `93. Oh yeah, why dat? Cloth attract soil, thats it! okay why sit? not comfertable without it. whats that? why the interregation, cinco cero tres, reppin!
porque yo soy un hombre serioso poster tube of inventors, opensource FOSS, get in, RMS! Dance with GNU, if ya new, not really, bout you? of course, how much? just a bunch! lets lunch! Oh Thanksgiving, thanks to the Natives, who taught white man and society itself the CHANTIN, also RASTAS, had a dream, heaven sent… blow it in my face like a cloud of deflect.. nah mi gata cuantas patas? quatro nah need a quart tho, got a 24oz. to freedom, no drink much, lil` bit… only this from some blits axinme like wen? im like yo, on TV, for free, see me, pass thee! okay.. good job! you pass! A+ almost minus`d just on a point, the bell curve swerved right that is light come to night and see the word count, down with that, MY SIGHT? YOUR EYES … THEY MINE, Hearts beat, intertwined Love rolls, like the rr, railroad, Monopoly, how much, in that bank, dont ask, UNLIMITED TANK. what i play, in RPG? Changling into tree or a cat or a jar anything level`d far, check the gopher, might be there, if he whistle, portal shrills, for thrills that spills in ya guts like a life pill, full of divers cities? which star? both please! nah mean! my heart me, my heart sing, for one please, comeone that please is a …






Shaved up, clean Jeans, fit in 2:23 AM 7/11/2018

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