Zep Solution

Please listen…

well me gwan rub it on her back like a loose lock swang it around the back as if i was hog legg boss hogg stole the General Lee ridin 3 deep thats me and 2 shawties they good sports *at least one ‘er says that) and thats all i need… bwah, muwa, her ways and her ways i cant even say. it`s this twiztid fantasy where they on me we like a triangle in body formation. One love, yeone leans on me sideways, real naughty while the other on front side left hand wrizt hand … wait im riding four deep the last but most cute little great sharkie of the meat (meet) iwas she says always ub in my blinker blindspot that im always forgettin… tell pray tell oh someone so swank.. the times the they change… i cant get ten flippin cents on a pickup coil over something sweet voice maybe jacked up one more by 10hz makes quite a difference when the dank rhymes of sweet voices come in clearer on a breezy .WAV or whatever format these things talk in i brought my 1987 Bell for comparision on the fubu way it was made for humans.. getting someone to… play with my fist is better than a fudge sundday double dish.. surrender time so many options so much to do, to be honest imma figure out and skip to rule number two. i owe an explanation to my readers and i really really do, ive got more than this project and that is what it comes to.. i would have a baby with another i have never been blessed but im trying to afford that solution for all of my kids… now Shags says he got 3, no one ever asks J.. he be the judge signing papers wikkid phun clown phreaks talkin all like, escape in the fog, today is a good day to be online and uh J is like why did you cut out a pic of me gettin high this is my f*****` court today today today ITS THE NIGHT, watch out ITS DAY, hold up SPECIAL JUDGE FAVOR might just may, what Im trying to say is THERE IS MONEY FROM THE FUTURE, if we can all be okay with one update per project per day, and look its not like i dont have nothing to do, however my Bi-Polar (bear?) ism sucks just like one of my 3 deep shawtie female spy crew. well maybe they rotate and roll schizm slants and slants are slips and cut smut is bout a dime a pence big shoutout to go for bringing her through that all that free clips from the past can be my money too, no stand it tha way but i heard your philosophy and put me on in Nevada once on the Salt Flats in Death Valley where everyone get… Now the time is changed im all through the times when i post about ten today for making up is like making love to UTF-9 instead, yeah we go up one forget 1252, cause I made a special Polish Hotdog just ffor you and you and you.. I`m grillin` 100 hotdogs for the crew like i said and really oh really the bills are over my head, so how want yours grilled, wrizt say to you, ya i speak like Yoda and I`m one I`m ZEPTAR’s crew. Hot Pink or So Black The Skin Peels? Tan ones exist. 😉 come back before them after those and get these digits!? Twilight…

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