another 1

I tryin to take it wmeasy. Window manager easy peasy. Command line junkie cimin up to the gui. Its been awhile since my last frantic. Comin civilized this time. They wana know why i ebin nah evenblog. My muse shot me dwn low where i cant see. Follow no one but God got my pwn plan. Fell off the roof again Jersey Style. Watch out rollin weed it maybe legal everywhere soon but me he say they all to stoned to get down and vote agansy the schedule that they keep. Looki keep on walking to that roadto zion. Clean meditationwout a doubt variety be my witness nah salam buy peace for the ghetto. Nah take me out except Jah be only doubt on they heda. Nah worry, Jah be waiting there. Everyday i pray A cal beyomd i pray that Jah tarry 1 more week befeore He eatablishes New Earth and New Heavens. Comfessin: Jah said look but me too afraid. Now to A i pray if busness we after gonna keep them seats filed str8 for her ad me. Nah try hirt nah guard nor look wrong.keeps it burning onthe road to zion mon. I call cause i had to. More later ❤ zeptar

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