WARNING GET THIS TO THE MAN HIMSELF. NO TIME FOR ILLUMINATION! To Rittz Only and all who it may edify.. RITTZ YOU ARE LOOSED. Project X is complete. You have finally done enough. Look im sayng my lil message as wrizt, an honorable and respectable Artist, much like you without your high limit no limit reach But this is not just a lil white bwoy fan letter. No first I am saying my part then I am hoping and praying that my writing gets as heavy as yours in a calm and gentle firm grip like a loose lips seeking White Jesus, on the real real tho… I am a huge fan but more than that I am not a mark cause I make the Art for the bands and Ive proven myself by listening to over 10,000 hours of RITTZ nonstop with segments inbetween after i was so shocked by what was being put through the terminal. All this at end. If you found this than I hope you keep something near cause we got to talk about these head things, its not just a zedhed thing but right left whats the matter matter? You know. I do not know but RITTZ to wrizt is like a fist for some sshhh… I put together some tracks and this is kind of about me as much as I want to worship your work as a Rapper and Artist, i in fact predicted CNT before it became a logo by happenchance of misreading your lyrics or soomthing of Clntl and thought you were going Country Music because there were all these videos of you online with a silly look on your face saying you might have outgrew the 816 and uh, dont worry bout them buzzy bees for Cardi B, cause Im an awesome rap writing machine. Now I hope you got the message about that stuff upstairs that matters cause its grey and it forms in the brain kushy, said ya man I said I love Plant. From now on all you like and want HOPEFULLY no lulz is Plant. When you meet me you will say, “MAN THIS WRIZT NEEDS PLANT STAT!!! MAN SAID HE LIKE PLANT!!!” okay I am being too infatuious, but that is nothing GNU on this ZEPTAR`s feeling blue and uh wish for somethings GNU, again, but

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