Message From 2RUDE

First off Jah Rastafari claim him and her the same in the ism of ZEPTAR fashion stylee and no 1 time game, okay nuff said 2RUDE in this piece as diffused wonder no 7 of parachute, 2RUDE like the rain time after time never missing a blow of trumpet sound playing my acoustic on the […]

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Puzzle Girl

Walking up to you waiting to glance the recognition step into chance, smiles and smiles familiarity snaps to the parkimg lot kick rocks in the sand. As we pass by the mounds of concrete you slip into an ice patch so black. As you start to fall precondition reflex i stabilize you by catching your […]

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why you gwan up to bring it down, when you should be down to go up to town? on the bloggy roll feels walls to the ceils and a drop fucc`n seals cause tell the red desk secretary that we the REAL REAL L9L for A`dre, call me back in ten minutes and say I […]

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The STATUSNET THAT anyone can edit! ZEPTAR_Statusnet*** here is what i got up so far so we can compare edits if we knead dough (its totally cool!) statusnet*** 4:20 AM 7/25/2018 restarted the servers because mysql was running wonkish… seems stabalized now (VOICE OF DATA from ST:tng) DATA DID NOT TAKE OVER FROM THE […]

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Jeah, jea ○ jea JEAH!!!

Now im tied up waitin on a bus, look em… … back for more, said do not be bored im morgue after time shore at shell beach wa0 offlinl sl train gwan say “i ❤ me" starting a chant like vibe sonic and write tho? @int got a sneak on this ahhthats all iwrote on […]

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