We bout to have another clash. Never give up drank. Drank. Drank. Drank. zedhed shot. drank. hedshot drank. who is the one they call Socrates. His name is Tech next to next wait underneath the LORD so great wants to put some head on a plate fight folks ride thro woop woop july style mean … Continue reading 23


ZEPTAR - "Like You" 35:37 (JESUS RAVE) If they same say say me the lamest, imma just be and take it. Nothin, my leg. Whole team. Game over let go. Jesus be walkin with me mang so how am i really LAME? Tell my momma that I`m good when me ~. No cocaine no ketamine … Continue reading JESUS RAVES: FAITH ONLY ROLLS DOWNHILL; KETAMINE COMMUNION


dj-zep.net Summer Sunfire Updates: Well I'm still trying not to lose. A lot of Pages became History today fwiw. I`m standing with my Lion Face, saying bye to Cocaine just as well. Cain just like our brother eek the impossible, had it just because. Gentle heart be brave. Let ourselves empty to the lighter breath/day … Continue reading SUNFIRE


STEREO AUDIO RECORDING DOES NOT CONTAIN: BRITNEY SPEARS (PROBABLY) i thought Britney Spears ft ABK and T-BONE was off the chain last night at zeptar, oh the club? some fam took that over all yuppy and clean we all know that i rocked the dogg matte for being hell`s dog @shalomshuli and he knows we … Continue reading AFIVEY