how long?

My heart is heavy today. IDK if it`s just because of this crazy life. i hold on tight to all ive seen and heard in my life experiences and honestly I have not been motivated to write anything. If anything i just want to be. Just be.

i know i want to say i dont need any fucking body. the truth is i feel like i do need. i need a special woman in my life. wanna lounge around and sell draws (underwear) why not? because worldwide mom figures aren`t hittin 10 cents on a pickup coil for me. like what? c`mon you know that I, Z, am very relevant like Robin Hood`s gold aint nothin she wants more is this clown.

im on a deathwish dishwash like Charles bronson. known for doin skandlous deeds makin my squad bigger, need that special worldwide mom figure to rain down that summthin sumthin.

Outlaw Ridas beeotch.