We bout to have another clash. Never give up drank. Drank. Drank. Drank. zedhed shot. drank. hedshot drank. who is the one they call Socrates. His name is Tech next to next wait underneath the LORD so great wants to put some head on a plate fight folks ride thro woop woop july style mean meaner lean leaner boy roy ill school ya dont do no body want none. wait a minute time to lay to two or three down to sleep nothin but scandal all that i handle and wrangle through all the planes to the angles oh wait yes the Angels.

zu zu zu tech on now check ya head back straight mix to the head battle rap at home. nah recording LIVE on TV driving. Some say YouTUbe but all same Periscope real bling. Forget fat man she seen driving best episude i zoo on 200 mph while driving my own saw thru a OUJIABOARD like a skeen piece of flimsly particle issue of standard furniture you sew. bitch fucc a federal im with the blue and gold. the local. the issue the marshall the deputy i rolled no. the guy in nottingham tax roll on chain that people swell is all good and well. beginning of cops score theme song when one come come nah wan some son in and out TRU.

Issue you get this FREE TRE is what I roll. Shot by a Police dumb by himself lost from institutionalization in life and had a psychotic episode while adjusting to normal young adult life in his own home blessed and free close to family and took a weapon and mumbled crazy arm (UNKNOWN POSITION) paper said aiming with unloaded *unknown if known on radio steppin* now set on 12 on a 25 back a quite more than 5. so now what? this is a paper right. so im here to set things right.

At Tre Angel`s trial (NORTH DAKOTA) sympathy rightly but sewn too broadly of the study of the Officer who responded with a POP-CRACK not stiff not hard dropping Angel to parabola back and in half more one shot one hurt emergency started *time frame unkown* “he was rushed” to the hosptal (unquoted quote) and SURVIVED! HALLELULIAH

The picture I’m painting is lack of compassion not hardly exactly but time do not fit story in fact his charges were assaulting officers. Now are these Officers little bitches who hide they guns and trunks with Assault rifles tear gas and the assault teams and means to stack an element. i mean fuck stackin` a gang sign what about stacking up 10 at your door and shooting your dog for sticks and stems in the trashcan and a hysterical neighbor who smelled something funny and didnt call the gas company.

Time is short and this was supposed to say that the glory of heaven is here is the quote from the living TRE ANGEL “ITS ALL IN GOD`S HANDS” as he was escorted back in his injured state to serve twenty five on a plea deal. FREE C-MURDER. oh yeah and check it out i B smokin BOGEYS AND ABLZLES COPPIN COPPER BOOFER WIRES FOR THE PHALSE PHONE DRONE COPE AT CLINTON CORRECTIONAL PHASILITIES WITH ONE OF THESE PUNK ASS SHINJONJEAN LOADED XXNX EVERY CATEGORY CALL HOMIES. POP THE LOCKS>

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