Sometimes when I wake up, well always, i’m hungry so I get food. The reason I have food is because of the LORD.

Now in some countries its a daily battle to get rice and beans and then make them refried to enrich the fat content to make sure the little nutrients that amplifies is not easy.

i saw a documentary about how these three college coeds went and roughed it for three dollars a week or some crazy ambien idea they had and it was really a subterfuged message to introduce funding for the micro loan system that is developing in third world countries which allow for loans for property like extra cows or a goat or some more land to grow on.

in my life i see changes in Vrist, and i guess what i want to say is that the lyrics are important, even though, dust.

now lets deal with ourselves, im speaking to myself, and say “thats the way it is” or “to me it is”

my pinky is asleep.


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