OGG VORBIS FILE FORMAT** all male quarterbac football with all women defense and offense sure makes sense. just wait till them hawt sweaty hot hot warm women of all shapes that bend and curve but this aint no soccer ball. well hell, why not? some prefer the Rugby style of All Male Quarterback Foozeball and … Continue reading Z-SPLASH ECO FUN BOOST!

(1) 800-FLOWer

In this Droid cast (ROBOT RIGHTS!) made on my new iPhone X (yeah, right!) Ordering flowers for "Ms Thang* to cheer her on and remind her to pick up some salsa and hydroponic lettuce. Honestly hydroponics lettueuceus tastest tastiest and moar fantanstic that sure is green! And that`s important! PODCAST #167 (1)-800-FLOWer *now accepting applications, … Continue reading (1) 800-FLOWer

Public Switch Telephone Network

PSTN Waiting, waiting by my 1987 Bell, call me here MINE EYES are blurry and poker tells like FA REAL FA REAL what the deal? Bet! So simply dreams are made to be ultimate respondents of 'sed' lemme 'gawk' like a hawk wonder with whole gladness of heart of when how oh wait I kinda … Continue reading Public Switch Telephone Network