all male quarterbac football with all women defense and offense sure makes sense. just wait till them hawt sweaty hot hot warm women of all shapes that bend and curve but this aint no soccer ball. well hell, why not? some prefer the Rugby style of All Male Quarterback Foozeball and why not say it`s also All Women Defense/Offense Sneak Attack The Quarterback Foozeball. Just wait till those women sack that fucc`n quarterback, smack* flat on his back, wimminz

winded him again and he be smashed like a sack of flat chic intoxicated flying body kicks (yes the female defense can KICK!) anyways those are all semantics to explore in this GNU new new Sport. And why not broadcast it on all the websites container for INTERNET. dork style say some kind of webm but idk about that technology.. better idea.. high subscriber sport like Satallite radio with a free frame by frame tv.giphy.com style for each game. Now ear to me for I am THE THINK TANK. (take what you need, give what you recieve.

Now imagine… So the Quarterback is like the star of the show. Not all of them are all buff and Tebow Swerve, nah some be big keg belly badasses (not fat) so whats the deal with that? Reppin` reppin for the homies lookin out for that lane of whats real and what is possibly Scientifcally contained, watch… a big beer belly badass pass bopper slams a Hail Mary down the 111 Yard field for a Halle Berry Reciever #49, same number as the Jerry Rice!!!! yeah!!!

so who is with me think tank in the bank. all that contained GNU something something dot creative commons four point 0h and thats insane they say.. but what may what may, must I brag about the under layers that these female players are that be so sexy they could Champagne ya in a chair and then smash ya dolla like they were not even there. Just to clear the air. But variety. variety, variety variety, no magazine Perfect Tens wearing always black or pink Tims (Timberlands) (yeah they made in whatever country the Team is from boosting the economics of money sonics inside each and every country that is brave enough to pit they quarter back… let`s see who the USA can dig up?

First up, Adam Levigne gotta be sick of sitting in that chair. Wait no he aint he got YOGA on his side and he sittin there flexin` like me know, …
Girls like him right? I think he a fly guy (not a fag thats what I be smokin in London Town when they say BEWARE or something but all me hear is a nice sound about how its going down cause WRIZT is there) plus I think that dude already got a deal for Underware with CC and thats an in for me cause I want to make underwear commercials if you back… beware)

Okay second up, let`s see, nerdy quarterback… Booger from nerds… he can double as a badass keg dude unless he all fit and ship shape from all that Nerd busch, oh wait i thought on that Hollywood reel he said she shaves it… That`s his #85, yeah same locker-room who need a panty raid, im on a prayer walk for this talk of unifcation of the nations… Sports (first then Ganja!)

Im your Think Tank, if you will allow, a brain that is sprained.. nah man HAOTB nah learning disorder, offense nah sense I tried to say give this nerd quarterback some ritalin and let him sniff it if it makes sense all he says is BUSCH and BUSH mad wait it`s a plant not CHINESE POWDERED DOUGHNUTS that be bad for the badass big belly quarterback, nah me nah think so jack. It gives him the sugar he needs to be a real badass, but tip top shape is what Science explains makes us the most efficient Creations from the most Tip-Top Station. Heaven Navigatin` Netscape who else on the sporty screwtape from Your Think Tank, me ZEPTAR.

Yall know what I claim third up on this thang called Quarterback Slam Bang be @therealRITTZ an` anyone that fucc`s with his girl(s) nah trip he the epitome of what`s kickin on the music scene everyone loves him. I believe in him. In fact I predict that he may lead him and his girl(s) to the top of the brackets in the first season. Why Rittz? Doesn`t that Crown Royal (yeah he got a crown on the field, that`s his helmet special design from women Scientific downstrike on his back while he tryin to bomb a motherfucker down the 111 Yard line like it`s on Nowhere Clowny way past the Georgia line. Yeah he threw the ball over far and real tall it bounce off the deck that all the VIPPY be on gettin drunk, takin vape, feelin great as the (technically its the VIPPY House Party Experience) every Male Quarterback has they own thing they do) its a festival when she catch it too and does the hand signal that say that belong to a special boo, its a move like Cardi B might do snap fingers say yeah Rittz` girl special showing all his love for $2 bill. Now chill chill, im not on the real real but I `wrizt or wrizzt yeah homie I`m zeptar 2. And I wish I knew all the screwed up ways that he can bounce a ball off a deck cause Rittz be hittin angles and the Angels guide his fist as he release the wrath and all anger be through? Nah nah he gets even angrier the higher and higher the score grew and it crescendo on the announcer sayiing RITTZ! and WRIZT! wow they spin and rap for four house parties and four hours each set they run through like Kottonmouth Kings used to do. (just playin they still cool) (just playin) (nah they aint) and then a calm over all and all part of the crew of music. (that is the energy Rittz brings to my roster of wrathful Male Quarterbacks in the crew) lets get a few girls in this banana boat before we through.

in the world the only one that i knowA`Dre and i dont even know if she down for covering me in the endzone. check it out she flip sides (kind of a rule for the real real in you) imagine she was both defending and offending you. *you`s are I statements through and through cause this my team called IRLTRU DEMON DEACON BLUE N RED N WHITE FIRECRACKER CRU. long name for a team but lets start abbreviating since we aint got no Tower of Babel cept Google Boofer Translator (works good too!) so ZEPTAR TEAM BE THE “IRLTRUDDBNRNWFC” hmm.. think tank brew say that be the name of the entire league nah nah stay humble foo! (MR.T HAIR SHEEN FOOL!) (ALL GOLD CHAIN IN MR.T VIPPY PARTY… yeah thats a ZEPTAR thing in his lil world of what he like to do for the Zeptarians, apparently on Planet Zeptar just beaming through MR.T is the President, its not actually just ZEPTAR or zeptar or zep or well can 1 say WRIZT without RITTZ me have to say nah to that 2.)

Okay so up for the next gurl slammin woman on this team call`d THE LIZARDS. I love to show her off of course, sorry still on my roster cause she saves lizards in real life at the beach! I had her promo on zogblog before zeptar.org was afforded to Oops! 404 to a 301 redirecting ya promo. She so young and in shape I be you already know where this go, as Im spewing on my STARCNTRL uhhh A`Dre need that all the time from you to the want to boo nah couple bux Brittney Spears` even need fool! *MR.T President of Planet Zeptar loves her most of all in my WORLD UNIFCATION boost the economic situation cuz fool. Both are honey close on my roll call cause when A`Dre smooch the air out my under broken bruise tackle sack roll on the 37 yard and I just lay there and drool, Spears tries to block but instead she turns on me too! Spears is like YOU WANT ME TO PLAY THIS GAME ON “THE LIZARDS” and I gotta be subject to the male chavuenistic sport that only nerds who like zeptar speak dork rap scroll unfurl, ah its my pwn thing? I am ZEPTAR, Your Think Tank, if you do?

All same numbers from American Football and Rugby (Manchester United Rules!) So anyways not trying to blow this roll away but I got some eggy weggies to run through so phat the yellow sacks Salt n Peppa be Brittney`s Theme Song (they play Shoop,, Shoop da doop da doop Shoop DO!) in fact every female player gets theme songs and drops like Fred from The Howard Stern Show, only WRIZT on DJ Control… ??? somehow MR.T DEMANDS IT FOOL!

That is enough for now cause the wrest of the players might just be normal extraordinary people that can really do some slamage damage on the 42′ (that`s the size of my Foo-Uniform so I can carry a twenty four oz. Corona for drinks in between plays*

i think we should start with that and any real real Worldwide Bloggin` Choppin UTF-8 encoding rule chicks and dudes birds and cheeky baldheads all can enjoy making they’re pwn, till the cows turn blue… i think they did on an ad.. i believe in milk and i think milk should be the main drink in the stadium (mixxx`d with Kahlua.

gg, (good game)
❤ zeptar

*promo for Corona drink responsibly and do not text or drink and drive5^)

**find who is responsible for not extending the open source format on apple devices. or use VLC Player and polite-ly send 1 email a day of pleasantry telling apple corp to bow down to ogg vorbis, the free container, no extendo on window for audio show, (the main reason for rail gun on this one is that they use sooooooo much GNU Fully Open Source Software to build OSX and iOS it bereaves me as a known hackt1v1s+)

***https://zeptarorg.files.wordpress.com for VLC Users on iDevices. trust me i love apple wanna eat some Tree of Life someday if that is in God`s Plan, oh man.

^1 oh and the reverso of the attack on the male quarter backs is a sport too, whatever some kind of maniacally brave quarterback woman must be Superwoman or Wonderwoman heart for them to get tackled by a bunch a dudes… muscle women shout out to Nicole Bass, (admittance physically stronger than A`Dre) “I LIKE YOur tshirt!” -N.B. ❤ U!

(1) 800-FLOWer

In this Droid cast (ROBOT RIGHTS!) made on my new iPhone X (yeah, right!) Ordering flowers for “Ms Thang* to cheer her on and remind her to pick up some salsa and hydroponic lettuce.

Honestly hydroponics lettueuceus tastest tastiest and moar fantanstic that sure is green! And that`s important!




*now accepting applications, master`s degree not required. re: Job Post #88

Spirit of Life


Ju-Ju-Ju-JUST IN! Wow what a day! I have some crazy stuff to blogosphine machine.

Today I almost matched my Yoga Instructor over at “AMB YOGA”. Yeah Axe Murder Boys have a NEW ALBUM, and as much as I could *COUGH* play it for you, your gong bong run will fill your ears with this silly really really fa real real blaw-G on a concept that has been running through my mind for quite some time. So long ago I made a taskmon.exe for it on Microsoft`s Outlook Handbook Guide For Future Internet Programmers and Creative Types. Not to mention the handywork done by all the bots (nearly) soldering all those transitors (3 trillion in iPhone 6S?)

Now I’m not trying to geek you out. Like I said, it`s been a long day and I take notes off the peace pipe toke, hold up fun smoke! fun smoke! It`s okay, I have a license from a real physician and I am myself a Computer Doc+er in the Audio Visual Arts, apparently.

So the SPIRIT OF LIFE is a concept that intrigues me to an end that we will not reach in one blaw-GGIE Post based up on our LILY PAD AT THE FROG POND here on Planet Zeptar. So I’m sitting on my MOONCHAIR and all of a sudden it comes to me after so many scars and damage that has been cause on me, by both myself and the World. It`s called motivation to change and become and always strive to be better in the, uh Jesus` Salvation. Now I say it like this because it occurs that we, as humans contend against negativity and dislike harm and abuse. That`s fact.

In fact, those of us that are consumed with anything wholly so very much as in not being able to enjoy any GOOD in life because we get “washed up”. The Spirit of Life does not. If and when a good thing comes along we may not feel it for how good it really is and vice-versa.

I know that was a really round about way of saying it, however the more we do what our culture and ultimatley GOD himself gives us in His love, by way of His Spirit through Jesus Christ, to me it seems this Spirit of Life has the immediate instinct of “fighting” with GOD. As if aanyone or anything or any idea was even remote to the mighty power we worship. I’m not concerned with things “getting in the way” or “forgetting to pray” or “forgetting to bum fourty cents so I can get that deuce quatrong of Corona after work without using my debit card because it costs for each purchase I put on it” or “looking at Perfect 10 a min 2 long and forgot what my Life Partner really means to me”.

No its a Spirit that takes a Heavenly kindness to withstand the sentiments and feelings of Judgments against GOD Himself and blaming Him for this mess that we are in. i.e. The Babylon System or The World. Some blame the world, but deep down in ourselves we have a need to find some sort of balance to the equation of tumbling down the fumbling numbers to make sense of why what we are doing isnt working or why things happen in our lives and behaviors in ourselves sometimes that we honestly, are not proud of. Innate perspective knows that the sum of all of our actions do not quite add up to a black balanced check book.

After years and years or even a few seconds of life we are at a constant struggle with the physical Universe that we inhabit among the Great Ocean Galaxy Cluster in these tiny, tiny, fearfully and wonderfully made bodies to walk amongst the stars and Milky Way on Planet Zeptar. Now do not be alarmed, we are on Planet Zeptar right? Or are you on Earth with your (YOU HOPE) forcefield staring at me? For all you know Planet Zeptar could be THE DEATH STAR coming into range of Planet Earth in the tie it takes to finish this blog or listen to anything I`ve arranged for you to see and hear on this … wait we’re all on Planet Zeptar? or Planet Earth?

You see that`s the konundrum. Our confusion, at least my confusion, has driven mme to a point where the damn rascals called Aliens up there in their ships, bringing us new inventions, or whatever the double hockey sticks is going on with all these codes. Here is one of them that is not real and they say nobody can break. Now i have seen these written and I can only do them with ASCII. (UTF-8 or the ever famously polarizing to the Polish win-1252)
We say something like…


&^$%@))(# * Q*Q&^E*IYERUO E( EW)(E(E*IOWEIOIWEIPSERIOUSIMSOFUCKINGLOSTTHAT&$^Q^E*R*QER*E&R&Q#&QW@@@#$%^%$#$%^*((*%#@@D@#$%^&&**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A

COME out and get some because thats the code of total imaginary fiction. Now it might just look like a curse at God. Whatever your belief is, whether it is yourself as an Athiest or Jedi or Buddhist, honestly even the self serving so called Heretic Heathen (as I have been called, mind you!) Throws to the GOD.

Now that ERROR-SLURP in the Galaxy is at least finite. But it is long and right there where the Google`s spellcode blocked a large percentage of visitors from anything is part of what I’m saying.

The Spirit of Life is an ERROR-SLURP. We must cry sometimes. We must overcome. Look I`m not going to pull any punches here. We all in the Tom Tuttle Club right? Sure! America! God`s Son! God`s Daughters! Furthermore to the World Wide Web Consortium of the many countries that use USA Proxy Power to manage to surf our waves of massive data that is pretty much unrestricted nowdays, well at least it seems to me… although I couldn`t get into YouChoo because it didnt even prompt me to install the proprietary plugin on my browser.

Well God has that plugin and I cannot stress it enough, however I am error-slurpp`d and if you can and do have time to read earlier you will see that there is an emergency going on with people. I noticed it in myself. All I want to do is expres myself openly and free through Zeptarorg and by bringing you my take on GOD at this point in my life I`m glad.

So im sitting here error-slurping with myself and my GOD, and I`m doubtful and tense and in those times I just praise or go on vehement rants that make my wonderful cat either A. Yell At Me, or B. Go Run And Hide Under My Bed to new spot I found her in. (NEVER EVEN SEEN HER THERE TO BE HONEST!)

The Spirit of Life to humans causes me to error-slurp. Retract that former statement of it being a total good or total bad konundrum because guess what!? I think and have read that uh, all things were made by him and without him was not any thing made that was made (Google autoseek functionality)

Now depending on your time and place in history or outerspace or whatever 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th Galaxy you live in browsing this bloggerpress, come to understand, we have the same breath of life no matter what biological processes undergone to have a “spirit of life” and perhaps thats all i`m dealing with is “my spirit of life” and not THE SPIRIT OF LIFE. so thank the Creator of the Maker for that one R-2.

Now I want to tell you my story from today so you can understand the plight I saw in 1992.

… I put the bubbles in the tub so I could take a bubble bath … Clean, dry was my body and hair … I threw on my brand GNU firefox underwear … and for all the bulge that I own … I`ll be damned if its not taking a miracle to sustain my home … now im freshed, dressed like a zillion $$$$ … i`ll be damned again, my gold medal I done chucked … woohoo! they scream pure #GOLD its a quadrazeptillion`s proof … that uh I did more than make a bunch of crazy awesome stuff in the boofer puter spoofer stereo audio rec and gimpshop with a slop of O`E worth of typing ideas about stuff … and uh in that moment in time I was happy … heavy was my heart and I felt like slapping myself in the face … rip the pride from my good thats left and hate myself when I act up .. see its funny when we both the dummy and the mad scientist … so you bring the pizza I got something good to go on it … and uh so what if its silly psych-bin psychology … every thing around me now likes me but about a milly sec ago I was bout it bout it …

And back and forth it goes and before you know it Sally is chasing you down grabbing your socks and here comes her mother all in a big huff and pout and touts Sally silly the wrong way and we aint talkin a pickup coil, she`s beggin for some serious hardcore f****** drugs and only violence will come out. Soss you break the hell out and be sure to grab that sack of rocks, cause uh if Sally and her mom got it, they would probably outline themselves in chalk, because that spirit of life in these frail as they seem women is to the chill and scorn that women are so proud of. And uh, dudes, come on let`s face it for guys its unreal too, we are animals infused with God`s Spirit and Jesus Christ made it through.

Yeah! Boy Roy made it through the terminal, went ahead and brought it through for me and you! As much ass as you can run through, you never seen a white donkey troup move through the land and indeed you never do. Not anymore these days they all wear white infantry suits. Skiing down the slope as I turn around and fire, oh crap they on snowmobiles and I had to knock the K-9`s eye loose to get free with the caboose.

This has helped me unravel and I have to proofread a bit and turn some U into I what are we gonna do? It`s okay I got the Globe in my hands and I shake it up. Steal another life stick for this Spirit bidness stuff and I`m like tough enough seventeen six out ❤ zeptar.

Public Switch Telephone Network



Waiting, waiting by my 1987 Bell, call me here MINE EYES are blurry and poker tells like FA REAL FA REAL what the deal? Bet!

So simply dreams are made to be ultimate respondents of ‘sed’ lemme ‘gawk’ like a hawk wonder with whole gladness of heart of when how oh wait I kinda did make it start.

well it really was my fault to take a pen and paper while gold buzzy bees danced in my head like a Garcia funk vision the words appeared then escaping was baking juicy rhymes shake plenty what is the fitty prose under those you knows, i had to impose.

now my phone was tied up if you tried to dial already but try and send a signal unmixxx`d like my table. im able to stand an answer of creep, however my science like a meep quiet guitar gently weeps your name. No joke, get in with that, any concert so far can say where my minds bent.

now this last hurrah of torture explore i pray to unfurl and the divide is separately purposed. every week is i look forward and pray for more power in moments of passion take it further run fast into each other.

our time in progress now i own clean you know me, its not like i can just pluck you off the time tree, plotting and scheming to the last little bit but my pocket streets only pull from my mind`s City of Lint.