Absolut Salvation

I have always wondered as mixed as my Spiritual background and its diversity sometimes create a cognitive dissonance. Especially in the realm of the divide in the area regarding “Once Saved Always Saved” versus “You Can Lose Your Salvation” camps. I guess in my human feeble mind that is not as feeble as I feel myself because when approaching such a question we must remember that we are all fallible no matter how Holy we may seek to be in our day to day lives. I think everyone knows that or should. Now what is the problem because from my human experience I have made many mistakes and have been through times of trial that shaped or formed me as time unfolded which hardened my heart and put bitterness in my attitude. Now does that mean that my commitment to Christ was negated or removed from the fabric of time and space that separates Heaven and Earth? I feel what happens is that because of the time separating us from the inception of Salvation through Jesus Christ because of JAH almighty may make it too tough for us emotionally accept the conditions of Salvation must remain the same after all the trials we experience enduring life itself.

Why would JAH make the offer of Salvation and then negate it? It is open to debate and it is still going on today. What I hope to express is that in my view the Salvation offered JAH is utterabley and only open to negotiation between self and JAH and its a challenge for many. My hope for us all is that we heal the divide in Theology and worship the King as one congregation.