as i turn slowly and wrrite JAH in the fogged up window the party loud no worry no need to see ID.

9:30 PM 5/16/2018
silence. oh hi. can we shown? tell a love you miss u send a note and Delray who riding black truck not me girl aight said i wanna dance all night in the Bahamas watching my green planet at night alone us together the music so bright shiny gold burns green together who alone not us now though it easy isst to move thru time and space before and behind and infront of while twirly whirly swil of swirly error-slurp goodness good god girl cant get you off me n my mind i and i also just want to say no pickup i rolled it on the very first day it swooped and i braked and flea he said bass sex money mix magic all up in this space big yoga enthusiast as big as my strong heart pumping pumping biceps squeeze you like a BOA after more than just sex see i can do some fucked up shit and come when i want to its off like a disco party a punky brewster rainbow over me and you its at a bungalo behind at least you feel me as i know that is and as much as i put in it the hotter your fire gets so mine it fuels you and yours glorifies divine that makes me complete and satisfied like a sugar cube diamond that you found on your birthday smile capn smirk beamed in here oh nice new suit move over planet zeptar commadden hail mary god mode move over did i say hello today flexin love is off the shelf side dish for me care for a snack im like feed her Seymore feed that little plant at least its not a sad glance at tt cruisn USA to RUSSIA WITH LOVE starring DR. YES chinese sticks work best yo yo game got it yo yo lame got it yo yo solo got it yo yo hush hush pop the lock in ignition after work gets off dollars glick you have been selected to pirate commadere my heart on way to each and every shop. taking over gf am i special friend fuck ya boyfriend girl i know this is a job but one trip is no abuse of power there is no one other than your taste in black clown shoes that are shiny to pick the perfect showpiece for my dance and you comin take shoes off at door rest them puppies got somethin goin on i heard you need slurmdance lessions on my yoga mat like made of lion hair where discs ignite a galaxy in ust a single bit… slowly i got it don slayer go move slowly dance cant gwan without the Operator, the dance it can`t gwan without the sound system, the danceti can’t gwan without https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNFglDcW7dQ