busy b, busy b im a busy buzzy bee for cardi b, walking with me dark redcarpet lane why is the SALT cold said the self to the armor i was like hey me what we doing for cardi b?

cardi b likes a lot of stuff my letter to you and me, dont ever say kiss and tell, nah shes legit and i am a mean machine for cardi b i honestly can say she led me astray into the lean mean machine yoga flex pose kinda not here we cant have sex oh know what what i gotta see what is going on with me im date late cardi b i thought you knew that A`DRE was comin thru my knees feel weak but im alright great walking red carpet with you last night. pictures for my blog are tight. oh me im not in the one i chose im still in my lacc, WHAP! oh no i dropped my phone and Bradley Nowell and Sublme are on the line channel 1 or 2 how about you clap my hands coo coo two birds fly off channel hendrix two, just to let you know ive been taking glances with my eyeballs and all that i can see back home cardi b is a shadow rising on tip top shape from your yoga plan i found online somewhere in between t he ponsors that where i be on a dot org wherre no one can find me. lulz lulz lulz lulz whoa thats a lot of lulz, cardi b bartier busy b im always doing chores for me but if you want if you suggest of course i will sure thing right to that of course. time to go A`DRE just called, its raintimes homies reading on my blog oh and if you her just tell her she just called and said…

Let the lovins luvins all come back to me watch me kick soccer ball around tree at three, all i see is you and me cozy now that this busy b is free oh no its me im the REEL ZEPTAR lost my DJ STYLEE NEVER LETS DISCO TONIGHT. ITS AWay little plot me hope ya know a kiss of schmoney dance now and then never feel me so strong on peak when i am satisfied you be glorified seeing all that you see with your crystal ball i wonder what shall we watch tonight its that time of the year again and Wizard of Oz season on air cable even turn to channel 4001 or was it 3 iff so thats 2 for you and me in the back somewho wat you into next week? oh yeah thats cool, no it aint, just playin, wiggly wiggle wiggle wiggle up for a stretch!