5:55 AM 5/16/2018

9:54 AM 5/16/2018
i am too busy to answer whys all the time except for time again traps are not gay and if they are that means they are ciggarette machines and they got marijuana rollies in them for a gold dollar so if you are escaping with cntrl x11 which is a go copy a book or something and practice typing like I do, I am working on my vocabulary and finding myself, i like how Cardi B says in one of her many fabulous songs “Aint no man trap me1!: im like take it off me busy b here in the hizzouse swillin some yak nah Green crown and sayin Mooo! i go chakra meditation when im zoning out and spraying paint on the ccomputer encyclepedias im laying consider these all the shorts for now cause like Wreckonize i might go Michael and turn ya in the dance like a tornado viral spiral. Im news im not new i am GNU i am through to choose all the booze i abuse when i am solving a rival survival peer mediation session cause thats all i am ffor yall in betweeners sigh deep breath thog thump my bicycle for 20 mulla token green buds medical lie down and bash the thing up. im like yeah but im
dry on the gin for like two weeks splashy with popcorn on freezer and salt in the fridge, im what !?

10:03 AM 5/16/2018 – three
fourth one let go

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