ANSWERING A CALL FROM ZEPTAR TO SAVE AMERICA FROM TERRORISTS, personally thesee guys and women they have captured are sick they are into occult magic mixed with Islam and come through the atmosphere, call it what you want but this aint no time to question yourself because you know that is ixactly what i think…

LListen to this ZEPTAR you cannot fool me,, because I know you are TAM Man and that means you can figure it out, i have been holding out, and i need to let you in on other things to help your Earth because from my angle there is not a lot off time to touch and share this informattion on your website for me.

its time to be agressive and show the strength of the mark its time to slam down this is the day where we are gonna saw BOWSER TIME general peisc of mind says wagering on the market is a cell of terrorists by a high bridge with lots of levels in the center

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